Centennial Campus Updates Live Cam

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Other Dallas Campus Projects

Turpin and Mosher Libraries
The Turpin and Mosher Libraries are undergoing a significant renovation to modernize their appearance and functionality. Changes include relocating the DTS Bookstore to Turpin's first floor, modernizing the exterior of Turpin and Todd, enclosing the atrium for flexible study spaces, adding study rooms on the upper floors, introducing new furniture and artwork, establishing an IT Helpdesk on Mosher's 1st floor, and improving podcast studios on Mosher's 2nd floor. These renovations aim to create collaborative learning spaces for various campus stakeholders.

Walvoord Plaza
The Walvoord Academic Center will receive a new courtyard facing entry and patio area that will attach directly to the Great Lawn. These changes will improve security, access control, and visibility along with creating areas for intentional connections between students and staff. Lord Willing, these renovations will be completed just in time for the Seminary’s Centennial celebration in 2024.

Heritage Center
The DTS Heritage Center will be constructed in the location formerly occupied by the DTS Bookstore. This Heritage Center will tell the story of the founding and legacy of DTS and walk visitors through the history and worldwide impact of our past and current students. This center will open in October 2024. The official name and more details about this project are forthcoming.