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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin)


The Doctor of Educational Ministry program helps Christian educators develop the biblical rationale, sociological strategy, and practical implementation of their ministry through group-based cohorts or individualized study.

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Distance Model

Stay in your current ministry and come to campus 1 or 2 weeks out of the year.

Educationally Driven

Designed for an MACE or equivalent degree working in educational ministries.

Customized Approach

Work with a like-minded small group (Cohort) or one-on-one with a mentor.


Two Approaches

Cohort Approach

The cohort structure is offered for students seeking a specialized plan of study with a small group of ministry colleagues. This group moves through a designated part of the program together, enjoying a community experience with fellow learners and mentor scholars.

General Approach

The general program allows students to pursue a flexible, individualized plan of study with the guidance of a faculty adviser. This program empowers students to design and customize their course map around their core ministry needs, goals and interests.


DEdMin Process and Details

The heart of the DEdMin is flexibility and personalization. To begin, you will create an overall plan of study. You may focus on one of several areas such as church education, ministry to children, youth or adult ministry, roles as associate pastors or ministry directors, educational administration, camp ministry, spiritual formation, women’s ministry, or you can design a program with a varied approach. Your plan, which is evaluated annually, originates from your individual goals, and your assessment of perceived strengths and limitations. 

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How the DEdMin is Organized

The Basics Your Preference Your Final Project
ID201 Logos training COHORT - 15 DM102 Research Seminar*
DM310 Learning Theory DM901 Research Independent Study*
DE101 Educational Leader ELECTIVES - 6 DM103 Applied Research Project
Total: 9 hours Total: 21 hours Total: 9 hours

*While a cohort normally consists of 18 hours, we often build the Research Seminar into the cohort rotation. This normally allows the student an additional elective in their program.

What's the Difference between DMin and DEdMin?

The DMin and DEdMin degree programs follow the same basic format (see below), but new accreditation requirements necessitate distinguishing between students focused on educational ministries and who hold an MA in education (DEdMin) and those in more general ministry leadership settings who hold an MDiv or equivalent degree (DMin).

How do DEdMin studies work?

We combine the best adult learning and professional ministry education. DEdMin, like DMin studies are built on a foundation of biblical theology and ministry theory, but focus on practical aspects of ministry. 

Before and after the resident portion of each course, you'll complete assignments related to your individual ministry. Then, at the end of the program, you'll write an applied research project, which implements and evaluates ministry in your particular context. The strategies you learn for creating an assessing ministries will be invaluable throughout your ministry career.

Professional Ministry Education

While professors bring their expertise to the classroom, significant participation by the students is encouraged, and learning is a collaborative process. Lectures may introduce a topic, but from there you'll discuss, debate, problem solve, and strategize together in a relaxed atmosphere. DEdMin learning is intentionally relevant to ministry and life.

Course Design

Courses run for six months and include a one- or two-week resident portion, normally in Dec/Jan or June/July. During the pre-residence, students prepare for the resident portion by reading assigned books and completing practical assignments. The resident portion is the week(s) during which students meet together as a class with their professors. The post-resident portion calls for the integration of the course content with the student's ministry. 

Entrance Requirements

Applicants must meet the following:

  • Hold the DTS MA/CE (or its equivalent) or the MDiv or ThM or other theological master's degrees plus leveling courses as necessary to provide DTS MA/CE equivalence.
  • Have a least three years ministry experience
  • Show evidence of growth and competence in ministerial skills and educational leadership
  • Affirm agreement with the following doctrines:
    • the authority and inerrancy of Scripture
    • the Trinity
    • the full deity and humanity of Christ
    • the spiritual lostness of the human race
    • the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ
    • salvation by faith alone in Christ alone
    • the physical return of Christ

Advanced Academic Ministry Cohort

This emphasis provides advanced training unique to academic ministry leadership. The major focus of this program includes teaching in Christian institutions, administration in Christian education, curriculum design, creativity, and current issues in teaching and education.

  • Dr. Mike Lawson
  • Dr. Jerry Lawrence
  • Dr. Lin McLaughlin
  • Dr. Jay Sedwick
  • Dr. Jim Thames

Seminar 1

Lawson, Thames

An introduction to evaluation of problems, programs, and/or procedures unique to academic ministry leadership with emphasis on teaching and administration strategies in Christian educational institutions. 6 hours.

Seminar 2

Lawson, Sedwick

Continuation of evaluation of problems, programs, and/or procedures unique to academic ministry leadership with emphasis on curriculum design and applied teaching practicum. 6 hours.

Seminar 3

Lawson, McLaughlin, Lawrence

Conclusion of evaluation of problems, programs, and/or procedures unique to academic ministry leadership with emphasis on current issues in teaching and education and creativity. 6 hours.

For more information about the new Doctor of Educational Ministry program please contact the DMin office at or call 214-887-5150.