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Internship Process

  1. Complete SF100

    All degrees at DTS require Spiritual Formation and your first step remains completing the first module of Spiritual Formation (SF 100), Identity. For more information about the Spiritual Formation program at Dallas Seminary, please contact the Spiritual Formation Staff in the Educational Ministries & Leadership Department located in the Faculty Annex Building, 214-887-5264, or

  2. Degree and Internship Requirements

    Please refer to the Seminary Catalog to determine the specific internship for your degree (found under “Academic Programs”). The required Internship expects the student to be involved in ministry hours (7-10 hours per week for the semesters registered) in a local church/parachurch/organization setting, as well as completion of a portfolio related to the DTS Core Competencies and, depending on degree, the student’s ministry emphasis. The requirements for each of these are degree, track, and emphasis specific

    In addition to completing more than half your degree hours, eligibility for internships depends on additional degree pre-requisites and emphasis requirements. Please consult the for your degree-specific internship requirements found in the catalog description located in the Department of Educational Ministries and Leadership, the ThM degree emphasis list, the Advising Center and the Internship Staff for more information.

    For this reason, students need to declare their tracks and/or ministry emphasis prior to registering for their internship.

  3. Select an Internship Site

    Select an internship site and mentor based on your vocational interest, degree and/or ministry emphasis requirements. Consider the Job Board early in your education to garner ideas. Also, while looking for a church, consider potential internship opportunities there.

    In addition to your qualified mentor, you will need to identify at least five “Field Observers” who will consult with you during the internship. These field observers can include, but are not limited to, people that work with you during the internship or your SF group. The Internship Staff is happy to assist you in either locating an internship site or to evaluate your internship options. To schedule an appointment with an Internship Staff Member call 214-887-5264.

    Steps Description
    Selecting a Beneficial Internship Site "What every student should ask when choosing an internship site" by Dr. George Hillman
    Caring Mentoring "How to choose a mentor" by Dr. George Hillman
    Internship Job Board Local, national, and international paid and volunteer internships
  4. Register for Your Internship

    If you have questions before you are ready to register, then you are welcome to speak to a staff member at any time.

    The semester prior to the start of your internship, you must complete a registration interview with an Internship Staff member to enroll in an internship. Your internship site will be approved during this conversation; please secure the internship opportunity prior to a registration interview, your mentor’s approval and his/her name, title, and email address. To schedule this interview, please call 214-887-5264.

    Note: If you schedule the interview after the early registration period, you will be responsible to pay all late registration fees.

    When you register for an internship, you will be added to the internship course in Online Ed, which is used for tracking your progress during the internship. You will receive a syllabus on this site that will provide the latest information about the specific internship requirements, as well as all required internship course files.

Still Have Questions?

Consider visiting the Job Board and your Internship Coordinator to identify more opportunities for your degree and future goals.