Academic Departments

Updated Course Codes (EML)

The new Educational Ministries and Leadership (EML) and Internships (INT) course codes have replaced Christian Education (CE) and Spiritual Leadership (SL). Spiritual Formation (SF) course codes remain the same. Below are a list of the older course codes cross listed with new ones as of Summer 2016.

Required Courses

Old New Title Hours
CE101 EML101 Introduction to Educational Ministries and Leadership 3
CE102 EML102 History and Philosophy of Christian Education 3
CE103 EML103 Teaching Process 2
CE104 EML104 Media Presentations 1
CE105 EML105 Teaching Process and Media Presentations 3

Curriculum and Instruction

Old New Title Hours
CE205 EML205 Small Group Process in Ministry 3
CE210 EML210 Designing Biblical Instruction 3
CE215 EML215 Teaching in Christian Higher Education 3
CE720 EML220 Creativity 3
- EML225 Christian Education in Intercultural Contexts 3
- EML230 Theological Education in Intercultural Contexts 3
CE305 EML255 Current Issues in Christian Education 2

Leadership and Administration

Old New Title Hours
SL305 EML305 Dynamics of Christian Leadership 3
CE310 EML310 Administration in Christian Higher Education 3
SL315 EML315 Introduction to Christian Mentoring and Coaching 2
CE320 EML320 Christian School Administration 3
CE325 EML325 Legal and Financial Issues in Ministry 3
SL330 EML330 Personal and Organizational Leadership Development 3
SL335 EML335 Personal Assessment and Ministry Vision 2
SL340 EML340 Team Leadership 3
SL345 EML345 Christian Leadership and Organizational Culture 3
SL365 EML350 Strategic Planning 3
SL310 EML355 Emotional Intelligence and Relationships in Leadership 3
SL320 EML360 Change and Resistance in Christian Leadership 3
CE315 EML365 Administrative Process 3
SL325 EML370 Organizational Communication 3
CE220 EML375 Evaluating Ministry Effectiveness 3
SL350 EML380 Leadership Seminar 2
SL355 EML385 Readings/Current Issues in Leadership 2
SL360 EML390 Leadership Evaluation and Development 3

Age Group Ministries

Old New Title Hours
CE401 EML401 Age Level Ministries 3
CE405 EML405 Early Faith Foundations 3
CE410 EML410 Children’s Ministry in the Church 3
CE412 EML412 Ministry to Children at Risk 3
CE415 EML415 Church Ministries with Youth 3
CE420 EML420 Outdoor Ministry 3
CE425 EML425 Church Ministries with Adults 3
CE430 EML430 Programming for Youth Ministries 3
CE435 EML435 Effective Ministry with Women 3
- EML438 Effective Ministry with Men 3
CE440 EML440 Single and Senior Adult Ministry in the Local Church 3
CE445 EML445 Young Adult Ministry 3
CE450 EML450 Women Teaching Women 3

Home and Family

Old New Title Hours
CE505-1 EML505-1 Christian Home: Dynamics of Marriage 1
CE505-2 EML505-2 Christian Home: Communicate/Conflict 1
CE505-3 EML505-3 Christian Home: Dynamics of Family 1
CE505-4 EML505-4 Christian Home: Research/Assessment 1
- EML505-5 Christian Home: Grace-Based Parenting 1
CE510 EML510 Seminar on Children, Youth, Family Problems 2
CE515 EML515 Family Life Education 3

Specialized Education

Old New Title Hours
CE715 EML615 The Role of the Associate in Ministry 3

Discipleship and Formation

Old New Title Hours
CE705 EML705 Principles of Discipleship 3
CE710 EML710 Practice of Discipleship 3
CE730 EML730 Spiritual Formation in Historical Perspective 3
CE740 EML740 Spiritual Formation in Contemporary Culture 3
CE750 EML750 Spiritual Disciplines 2
CE760 EML760 Readings in Christian Spirituality 2 or 3

Ministry Residency

Old New Title Hours
SL801 EML801 Ministry Residency I 6
SL802 EML802 Ministry Residency II 5 or 6

Directed Studies

Old New Title Hours
CE/SL/SF901 EML901 Independent Study in Educational Ministries and Leadership 1-4
CE/SL/SF902 EML902 Educational Ministries and Leadership Thesis 2 or 3
CE/SL/SF903 EML903 Educational Ministries and Leadership Thesis Continuation 1
CE/SL/SF905 EML905 Special Topic in Educational Ministries and Leadership 1-4
SL950 EML950 MACL Applied Research Project -

Required Spiritual Formation

Old New Title Hours
- SF100 Spiritual Formation (non-credit) – four semester groups based -
- SF110 Spiritual Formation (non-credit) – two semester mentor based -
- SF245 MABEL Spiritual Formation -

Spiritual Formation (For Credit)

Old New Title Hours
- SF201 Spiritual Formation I: Identity 1
- SF202 Spiritual Formation II: Community 1
- SF203 Spiritual Formation III: Integrity 1
- SF204 Spiritual Formation IV: Fidelity 1
- SF210 Preparation for Leadership 2
- SF215 Leadership Development I: Invest 1
- SF220 Leadership Development II: Connect 1
- SF225 Leadership Development III: Explore 1
- SF230 Leadership Development IV: Direct 1

Required Ministry Formation Internships for Vocational Degrees

Old New Title Hours
SL105 INT105 ThM Ministry Formation Internship 3
SL140 INT140 MACM Ministry Formation Internship 2
SL155 INT155 MACL Ministry Formation Internship 3
SL165 INT165 MACE Ministry Formation Internship 2
SL170 INT170 STM Ministry Formation Internship 1

Elective I Ministry Formation Internships

Old New Title Hours
SL205 INT205 TESOL Ministry Formation Internship 1
SL210 INT210 Specialized Ministry Formation Internship 1-4
SL215 INT215 MABS Ministry Formation Internship 2