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Spiritual Formation at Dallas Theological Seminary is a two-year small group program that is required for Master of Theology (ThM), MA in Bible Exegesis and Linguistics (MA/BEL), MA in Christian Education (MA/CE), MA in Cross-Cultural Ministries (MA/CM), MA in Christian Leadership (MA/CL), MA in Media Arts and Worship (MA/MW), and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MA[BS]) degree programs. As currently structured, the Spiritual Formation requirement is fulfilled in four consecutive Fall-Spring semesters during your residential studies on the Dallas Campus or the Houston Campus.

Failure to meet this requirement while in residence in Dallas or Houston may delay your desired graduation date. This includes transferring from other degree programs at Dallas Theological Seminary that do not currently require Spiritual Formation.

Please note this form is to be filled out by all entering students, despite the degree program requirements. After reviewing your degree program, please affirm that you understand and are willing to abide by the Spiritual Formation requirements as mandated by the Seminary and stated in the catalog.

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Dallas Campus: August 27
All Extension Sites: August 27
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