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Employee FAQs

Employee Expense Reimbursements

Actual miles traveled. We use the IRS mileage reimbursement rate to calculate reimbursement for vehicle travel. A map or driving directions showing mileage needs to be attached to the Cash Advance/Expense Reimbursement form when submitted to the Cashier or Accounts Payable.

Per IRS guidelines, you should provide the following information for all dining expenses:

  • Event name (if applicable)
  • Date(s)
  • Names of people for whom you paid
  • Itemized/detailed receipt
  • The business purpose of the meal
    Note: Meal expenses that lack a legitimate business purpose may be treated as a benefit, the value of which is reportable as taxable income to the cardholder.

Yes! Fill out the Direct Deposit Form, which will be kept on file at the business office for all future expense reimbursements.

If it is a check for an expense reimbursement or payment for services rendered, contact the Accounts Payable Coordinator. If it is a payroll check, contact Human Resources.


Credit cards should be used for small incidental purchases only. For all other purchases, contact the Senior Accountant/Purchasing Coordinator, because purchases through this office are recorded on a more timely basis and provide a better audit trail.

Note: When going out of town on travel and using a purchasing card, contact the Senior Accountant/Purchasing Coordinator before you leave so that we can inform the credit card company of the travel.

Use your CampusNet username and password to access the Texas Sales Tax Exemption Form and sign it and present it to the vendor.

Please understand this is for DTS business ONLY. Any personal use of this form violates Texas state rules and puts the Seminary in jeopardy of losing its sales tax exemption.

Personal charges are NOT allowed on DTS purchasing cards.


Contact Human Resources.

If you are the budget manager, we can have you set up on CampusNet to be able to see your budget. Contact the Assistant Controller for assistance with budget inquiries or with getting set up on CampusNet.