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Dallas Bicycle Regulations

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to ride their bicycles to campus, but must be sure to adhere to all school policies. All bicycles on campus are required to display a DTS decal so that the owners can be identified. Decals are available at no charge from the Campus Police. Bicycles on campus are also required to be parked in bicycle racks, and are not to be secured to sign posts, street signs, trees, light poles or fences. There are currently three bicycle racks on campus, all of them located along Apple St. in the rear of parking lot E2. Bicycles found in repeated violation of these policies may have their cables cut, be impounded and possibly donated to charity at a later time. Bicycles that do display a DTS decal may be impounded as well if they are deemed to be abandoned. The owners of bicycles may also be ticketed by the Campus Police if they can be identified. The Campus Police will always make a good faith effort to contact the owners of bicycles before they are impounded.