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Dallas Campus Safety Tips

Your safety depends mostly upon your own attitude and actions. Use common sense and do not place yourself in a location or situation where you may become a victim of crime. Remember that we are in an urban environment where almost anything can happen.

Campus Police officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel free to call at any time and the situation does not have to be an emergency. If anyone asks you for money or assistance, refer them to us; we have a list of local charities that we can give them.

Try to avoid walking and jogging off campus, using ATMs and fueling your vehicles after dark.

Locking your door with your key, wherever you reside, is an effective way to reduce theft and enhance personal safety. Do not prop open exterior doors and close any doors you find propped open.

Report a lost or stolen key to Campus Police and to the resident director immediately.

Defective locks, doors, windows, lights and other unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to Campus Police.

Record your serial numbers and be sure to keep the numbers in a safe place. Don’t leave your laptops or other valuables unattended anywhere on campus because they could be stolen.

Roll up your windows and lock all valuables in your trunk. Don’t leave any items inside the vehicle in plain sight, even if they don’t seem valuable to you.

We will issue a registration sticker to affix to your bicycle to deter theft and aid in recovery if it is stolen. We strongly recommend a U-style lock.

Information on campus crime is available from the Campus Police. Bulletins are issued when the circumstances warrant informing the campus of important crime related information.