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Dallas Vehicle Registration

All vehicles on our campus must display a valid DTS parking decal on the front windshield, or a temporary parking permit on the dashboard at all times. Both are issued free of charge by the Campus Police. Students, faculty and staff may register their vehicles online at certain times in January, August and September. At all other times the Campus Police must be contacted directly. If someone drives a vehicle to campus that they don’t normally drive, even if it is just for one day, he/she is responsible for getting a temporary parking permit from the Campus Police. The Campus Police may be contacted at the police office in the Horner Administration building, or by calling 214-887-5590.

Parking decals are good for one year, and expire each year on September 1st. At that time students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles and receive new decals. The decals stay in place by static, and must be displayed in the lower corner of the passenger side of the front windshield.