Campus Police


DTS-Washington, DC has a written Emergency Evacuation Policy, provided to staff and available to students, which articulates the procedures for safely exiting the building. Evacuation maps outlining the egress routes have been posted in the classrooms.

In 2016, regular testing of the Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler systems were conducted and found all systems functioning properly. On March 2, 2016, the full alarm system was tested successfully at 12:50pm. On April 23, 2016, a fire drill evacuation test was run at 8:55am while a seminary class was in session. Sixteen students, one campus guest, and two seminary faculty evacuated via the egress path and met at the front of the building. All eighteen heads were counted at the meeting point at 8:57am.

In addition, the DC staff tested and confirmed the successful dissemination of emergency alerts to DTS-DC students and staff via the DTS Alerts system, which includes text and email messages (below), and the ability to post a banner on the main DTS website.

Evacuation drills will be performed (with accompanying emergency alerts) on an annual basis.