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Financial Aid

Tuition, Fees, & Expenses for 2017-2018

This page lists the most common tuition and fees. You can also find a detailed breakdown of tuition costs. By God’s grace, very few students take out any debt during their years in seminary.

Tuition Costs

Degree Credits per Semester Cost
Master's (fall and spring) 9+ hours $533/credit hour
Master's (fall and spring) 1-8 hours $560/credit hour
Master's degree programs
(CGS & nondegree, Summer school, Wintersession)
  $533/credit hour
Master's (qualified full-time ministry rate:
Cru, YoungLife, Kanakuk, etc.)
$283/credit hour
Doctor of Philosophy stage one $575/credit hour
Doctor of Philosophy stage two $645/credit hour
Doctor of Ministry   $615/credit hour

Typical Costs per Semester

Area Cost
Tuition (12 credit hours) $6,396
Technology Fee $200
General Fee $60
Books $325
Total Estimated Expenses per Semester $6,500

For more information, please see the detailed breakdown of typical semester costs. Please keep in mind that the above expenses may be significantly reduced through financial aid. We have created an online interactive financial aid calculator to allow you to see how you may be able to graduate debt free!