Financial Aid

Good Steward Information

The Good Steward is a monthly newsletter emailed to current students. It includes important information from Financial Aid , Advising Center and Bursar/Student Account Office to supplement general information provided on this page.

Advising Center and Bursar/Student Accounts

The Advising Center is located on the first floor of the Walvoord Student Center (WSC) and is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm.

The Cashier is located in the Advising Center (WSC, 1st floor) and is open Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm and 12:45pm-4:00pm. The Cashier can cash checks up to $50.00. There is a drop box for payments next to the Cashier window (checks only—please include ID# on check). The Cashier accepts only cash or checks at the Cashier window.

The Bursar is located in the Advising Center (WSC, 1st floor) to assist with questions regarding Student Accounts, TMS, or Student Billing.

Student Account Payment Options: Please review the available payment options. Please log in to CampusNet to make an online payment on your account..

Tuition Refund Schedule and Future Payment Deadlines: See the DTS Registrar’s office webpage.

Student Account Refunds: To receive a refund of an overpayment or a credit balance on your DTS student account, you must submit a refund request by email. Overpayments or credit balances will automatically remain on your account unless you request a refund.

  • The refund request may be emailed to Your refund request will be reviewed. Refunds are processed as they are received and if approved, will be disbursed to you in the form of direct deposit or paper check.
  • Direct Deposit - DTS highly encourages all students to enroll to receive student account refunds. Direct Deposit will be disbursed within seven to ten days of receipt of the refund request. You will need your U.S. Bank Account Number and U.S. Bank Account Routing Number to enroll. Enroll in Direct Deposit at Business Office – Student Accounts on CampusNet.
  • Student account refund checks will be issued to the student if the student is not enrolled in Direct Deposit and will be issued within 14 days of receipt of the refund request. Checks will be mailed to your address on file. If necessary, please update/verify your mailing address under biographical information on CampusNet.
  • Excess Direct loan funds will automatically be refunded to you after the loan has been disbursed to the student account and therefore, no refund request must be submitted. The DTS Business Office has 14 days from the date the loan is disbursed to refund any excess direct loan funds to the student.

Student Account Statement: To view your account, please go to your Student Account Statement on CampusNet. Your Estimated Bill will not show any previous semester balances or credits on your account. You will always receive an email the week after activity has taken place on your student account to keep you informed of activity on your account. Always check your Student Account Statement to make sure your account is current.

Do you need assistance in planning the next courses to take towards your degree? DTS Advising Center is here to assist you in planning what courses to take in your upcoming semesters. If you need to meet with an Academic Advisor, please stop by the Advising Center (WSC, 1st Floor), call (214-887-5080), or email to schedule an appointment. We would love to have a chat with you and assist you in your planning.

Do you have a hold? Check to see if you have any warnings/holds on your CampusNet student home page. Taking care of your holds/warnings will be a proactive step in registering for your next semester.

DTS Advising Center Feedback: We want to know how we are doing. Please let us know how DTS Advising, DTS Financial Aid, or DTS Student Accounts can improve our service to you. Please email any comments or suggestions to

Your Contact Information: Please keep your biographical information updated on Campusnet including your address, email address and phone number, current so we may contact you if necessary.

General Information from the Financial Aid Office

Emergency Aid: In the event of unexpected needs, applications are available for emergency aid. Most student requests are between $300-500. Application forms are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Need to raise support? Over 40 percent of DTS students are receiving support from church, family, and friends. Handouts providing examples and guidelines for writing support letters are available upon request from

Direct Loan Deadlines (Dallas, Houston, and Online Students Only): To apply for a Direct Loan, a government loan that must be repaid, your paperwork must be submitted to Financial Aid by April 1st for the Summer, May 31st for the Fall Semester, and November 1st for the Spring semester. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to qualify.

Direct Loan Borrower Requirements (Dallas, Houston, and Online Students Only)

Are You Making S.A.P.?
What is S.A.P. and what does it have to do with you? S.A.P. stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. In order to be eligible to borrow from the Direct Loan program, a student must satisfactorily complete a minimum number of hours per academic year based on his/her degree program. The academic year begins at the start of the fall semester and ends after summer school is completed.<

  • ThM students must complete 16 credit hours per academic year.
  • MA/BC students must complete 13 credit hours per academic year.
  • STM students must complete 12 credit hours per academic year.
  • All other MA students must complete 10 credit hours per academic year.

Completed courses must have a minimum passing grade of "D-". Courses attempted but not completed, such as withdrawals, are not considered satisfactorily completed. If you do not make satisfactory academic progress, you will be ineligible to participate in the Direct Loan for the following academic year. Be sure to plan accordingly! If you have any questions, please contact Beth Butler in Financial Aid at 214-887-5223 or at

Are you keeping your lender up-to-date? If not, your disbursement may be delayed! Student-borrowers must notify their lenders, in writing, within 10 days if they:

  • Change their names, addresses, telephone numbers, or graduation dates
  • Transfer to another school
  • Enroll for less than half time (6 hours)
  • Withdraw from school

More Scholarship Opportunities! Please see the pink scholarship list, available from Financial Aid, for additional scholarship information and deadlines! Requests to receive a copy by email can be sent to