Housing & Relocation

Swiss Tower Move-in Information

Contact Information

Move-in Scheduling Contact:
Relocation Coordinator

Arrival/Check-in Contact:
Apartment Manager



Resident Name
3900 Swiss Avenue
Apt. ###
Dallas, TX 75204

The post office recommends turning in your change of address form within 10 business days of the move-in date. You can either fill out a form or go to https://moversguide.usps.com to change your address online.


Each resident must schedule their arrival date and time in advance by contacting the Leasing & Relocation Office. A two-week notice of arrival is required, but residents are encouraged to schedule their move in date early in order to improve the likelihood that they will be able to move in on their preferred date and time. Two resident “move-ins” can be accommodated per day with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Time slots are scheduled through the Relocation Coordinator.

Move-in Availability for Swiss Tower

  • Monday – Saturday (No Sundays or Seminary Observed Holidays when the Dallas Campus closes)
  • Morning Time Slot: 8 am – 1 pm
  • Afternoon Time Slot: 1 pm – 6 pm

Residents may not move in any items after 6:00 pm. Those not finished unpacking vehicles by 6 pm must complete the move on the following day (or Monday) if a time slot is available. Arrivals between 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday may not move in their belongings until the following day (or Monday). A key to the apartment and an air mattress (if available) will be provided until the appropriate move time.

No arrivals are permitted after 10 p.m.

Note: Due to the tremendous difficulties experienced in the past, Housing is unable to accommodate PODS or similar containers.

Check In

Thirty minutes prior to your arrival, please contact the Apartment Manager in Swiss Tower at 214-887-5215. Upon arrival, the Apartment Manager or the Assistant Manager will provide you with keys, moving equipment, and perform a walk through inspection of your new apartment.

Lease Meetings

Leases are now signed online via the new tenant’s AppFolio portal. Each new resident must attend a brief Lease meeting with the Relocation Coordinator according to the scheduled date on your move in confirmation.  The Housing Office holds lease meetings following the resident’s move into the building. Please contact the Relocation Coordinator if you are unable to make the planned meeting.

Prorated rent for the current month and the security deposit (less holding fee paid per request the initial apartment offer) will be collected at this meeting; kindly come prepared to pay. Cash, checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders will be accepted during the lease meeting. Payment with a credit card may be done in advance via the AppFolio Portal but will incur a convenience fee. We are sorry, but no credit cards can be accepted in the Leasing and Relocation Office.


Residents are responsible for contracting with an electricity service provider for their apartment; please set up service with an outside provider prior to arrival. Monthly charges usually average around $30-$50 from October – April and $60-$100 from May – September. Deposit may be required depending on provider. There should be no need for a technician to be sent out, regardless of provider. Below are the most commonly used electric companies and their contact info:

Wireless Internet

Hard wired access to free campus internet service is available in all apartments. The entire building has wireless access to the seminary’s wireless network. Residents are welcome to arrange for their own internet service if 24/7 service is a must. Providers of internet service are AT&T U-Verse or Time Warner Cable.

Cable Television

Time Warner Cable is the only cable provider in Swiss Tower. A technician must physically come to your apartment, thus requiring that the resident be home during the time of instillation. The resident will need to make arrangements 24 hours in advance with the Apartment Manager to check out the key to the Communications Room in case the technician needs to access that room. It is not the Apartment Manager's responsibility to allow the technician access to either the Communications Room or your apartment if you are not present when the technician arrives.

  • Cable outlets are located in the following areas: living room (long wall that adjoins the next apartment) and bedroom (shared wall with your study/second bedroom).
  • Satellite dishes may not be attached to the outside of the building or to the window frame.


All apartments are unfurnished except for major kitchen appliances (not including microwaves) so residents will need to arrange for their own furnishings.


There are mini-blinds installed in all of the windows but you may put up curtains/drapes by the use of plastic anchors. Window sizes are as follows:

1 Bedroom/Study

1st floor 6' wide x 5'-8" tall (living/dining/bedroom) 3'-4" wide x 5'-8" tall (study)
2nd-9th 3'-4" wide x 5'-8" tall (study) 6' wide x 5" tall (bedroom) 7'-4" wide x 5'-8" tall (living/dining)
10th floor 3'-4" wide x 6'-8" tall arched (study) 6' wide x 5' tall (bedroom) 7'-4" wide x 5'-8" tall (living/dining)

Handicap unit-1bdr*

1st floor 7’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining) 3’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (study) 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (bedroom)

*This apartment is handicap accessible but there is no substantial difference from the regular 1 bedroom/study apartments.

Corner unit

1st floor 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (bedroom) 3’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (study) 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining)
2nd–9th 6’ wide x 5’ tall (bedroom) 3’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (study) 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining)
10th floor 3’-4” wide x 6’-8” tall arched (study) 7’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (living area) 6’ wide x 5’ tall (bedroom)

2 Bedroom

1st floor 7’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining/bedroom #2) 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (bedroom #1)
2nd-9th 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining/bedroom #2) 6’ wide x 5’ tall (bedroom #1)
10th floor 7’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining/bedroom #2) 6’ wide x 5’ tall (bedroom #1)

Handicap unit-2bdr*(111)

1st floor 7’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (living/dining) 7’-4” wide x 5’-8” tall (bedroom #2) 6’ wide x 5’-8” tall (bedroom #1)

*This apartment is handicap accessible but there is no substantial difference from the regular 1 bedroom/study apartments.


Laundry rooms are located on every floor and utilize a “SmartCard” system instead of coins or tokens. “SmartCard” reload stations are located in the 3rd and 7th floor laundry rooms.

  • Washers – $1.00 per load
  • Dryers – $.75 for 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be paying for my apartment?
Each resident has a rent account and will be billed monthly for their rent. Statements are sent only to residents who have not paid after the deadline. Each resident is required to pay their rent on time without demand as stated in the lease agreement. (You’ll go over that when you sign your lease.)
Where do I pay my rent?
You may pay your rent inside the Leasing and Relocation Office or place it in the drop box in the mailroom area. Please make checks payable to DTS and include your ID number and the word “Rent” on the memo line. You may also pay online through your Appfolio resident portal by E-Check (fee incurred if paying by credit card).
Can I see my new apartment?
There are pictures of the apartments and a video walk-though on our website! Visit www.dts.edu/departments/campus/housing/marriedstudenthousing.