Housing & Relocation

Washington Hall Move-In Procedures

Contact Information

Move-in Scheduling Contact:
Relocation Coordinator

Arrival/Check-in Contact:
Apartment Manager



Resident Name, Apt ###
1107 St. Joseph Street
Dallas, TX 75204

Residents will be assigned a Washington Hall mailbox inside the apartment complex. Box numbers will NOT be the same as the apartment number. Mail cannot be sent to apartment numbers. Residents are also encouraged to submit a change of address with the US post office at https://moversguide.usps.com to begin forwarding mail.


Each resident must schedule his or her arrival date and time in advance with the Leasing and Relocation Office. A two week notice of arrival is required, but residents are encouraged to schedule his or her move in date immediately after accepting the apartment offer. Doing so will improve the likelihood of the new resident getting the move in date that he or she prefers. Six resident moves can be accommodated per day during the allotted time slots. Arrival and time slots are scheduled through the Relocation Coordinator in the Leasing and Relocation Office.

Move-in Availability for Washington Hall

  • Monday – Saturday (No Sundays or Seminary Observed Holidays when the Dallas Campus closes)
  • Morning (AM) Time Slot: 8 am - 2 pm
  • Afternoon (PM) Time Slot: 2 pm - 8 pm

Residents may not move in any item after 8:00 pm. Those not finished unpacking vehicles by 8 pm must complete the move on the following day (or Monday) if a time slot is available. Those who arrive between 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday will not be able to move in belongings until the following day (or Monday). However, a key to the apartment and an air mattress (if available) will be provided until the appropriate move time.

No arrivals are permitted after 10 p.m.

Note: Due to the tremendous difficulties experienced in the past, neither Swiss Tower nor Washington Hall is able to accommodate PODS or similar containers.

Check In

Thirty minutes prior to your arrival, please contact the Apartment Manager in Washington Hall at 214-887-5212. Upon arrival, the Apartment Manager or an Assistant Manager will provide you with keys, moving equipment, and check you into your new apartment.

Lease Meetings

Residents must sign his or her lease during the appropriate Lease Meeting which is held in the Leasing and Relocation Office. The Leasing and Relocation Office holds one lease meeting on Tuesdays & Fridays; starting promptly at 2:00 pm. Meetings are typically scheduled for the first Lease Meeting time following your move-in.

Prorated rent for the month you move in and the security deposit (less holding fee paid per request of initial apartment offer) will be collected at this meeting; kindly come prepared to pay. Cash, checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders will be accepted during the lease meeting. If you wish to pay with a credit card, you may do so in advance of the lease meeting on your Campus Net online. We are sorry, but no credit cards can be accepted in the Leasing and Relocation Office.


The Seminary resells electricity to residents which will provide the lowest residential rate available. The Leasing and Relocation Office will bill each apartment monthly for this utility. One resident for each apartment will be responsible for making this payment to the Leasing and Relocation Office. (It is not possible to process multiple resident payments for utility charges and regrettably, no credit cards can be accepted for electricity payments.) There will be a $25 late fee charge for non-payment five days after the due date on the billing statements.

Wireless Internet

The Seminary has installed numerous antennae within the building, which grants access to PneumaNet, the Seminary’s free wireless internet. Residents, who utilize this service, need to understand that because of staffing issues it is not possible to guarantee uninterrupted service. If the service is rendered temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or malfunction, the service may not be reestablished during evenings or weekends.

If a resident must be assured of 24/7 services, he or she must contract for personal internet service. The only source for internet service is via AT&T U-Verse.

Television & Phone Service

In Washington Hall telephone, high-speed internet, and digital TV service is only available through AT&T U-Verse. To have U-Verse installed, you must simply call AT&T for the services wanted and contact the Apartment Manager 24 hours before your scheduled installation. The Apartment Manager will give you a key for the communications room so that you may meet the installer and provide access to the appropriate communications room. If is necessary that the resident be present for the installation. The Housing staff may not handle this for the residents.

If you wish to have Digital TV installed, AT&T U-Verse may deny it exists in the building at first. Please give them your apartment number and ask them to check available services. They will then discover that you are, in fact, able to receive Digital TV for this location.

AT&T U-Verse Contact Info: 877-999-07886; www.att.com


All apartments are unfurnished except for major kitchen appliances (microwaves are not included) so residents should plan for this need.


Mini-blinds are installed in each window but you may put up curtains/drapes using only plastic anchors. Windows are 5'4" wide and 5'2" high. Arched windows on the 7th floor are 6'2 5/8" to the top of the arch.


Laundry rooms are located on every floor and accept credit or debit cards. Residents may also open an online account through the provider. Washers and Dryers are $1.25 each load.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food service options do I have?

Apart from cooking in your kitchen, you have the option of the Hope Café for drinks and snacks or Mitchell Dining service for on campus lunch service Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are many restaurants in the area around the Seminary or within a short drive.

How will I be paying for my apartment?

AppFolio Tenant Portal is by far the simplest means of payment. The portal allows every resident to see his or her rent statement, make payments, submit work orders and more. Each resident has a rent account and will be billed monthly for their rent. Each resident is required to pay their rent on time without demand as stated in the lease agreement. Note: Payments made with a credit/debit card will incur a convenience fee charged by the card provider. Using an E-Check or paying in the Office with cash or check will avoid this fee.

Where do I pay my rent?

You may pay your rent inside the Leasing and Relocation Office or place it in the drop box in the front lobby. Please make checks payable to DTS and include your ID number and the word “Rent” on the memo line. There is also an option to pay online using a debit/credit card (there is a fee for each occurrence) or using an E-Check (no convenience fee). 

Can I see my new apartment?
There are pictures of the apartments and a video walk-though on our website! Visit www.dts.edu/departments/campus/housing/singlestudenthousing.