Housing & Relocation

Waiting List Policies

General Policies

  1. Eligibility: Dallas Theological Seminary offers campus housing for accepted DTS students who attend the Dallas campus and who are taking at least 12 credit hours toward a degree per leasing term.
  2. Marital Status Eligibility: Swiss Tower Apartments are for married couples, with or without children, and single students with one or more children. The Washington Hall apartment complex is for single students without children. Students may be placed only on the waiting list appropriate for their status at the time of application (i.e., “appropriate placement list”) except in the following condition: if an unmarried student is “100% certain” that he/she will be married prior to move in or within 30 days after move-in, he/she may be placed on the married apartment placement list. However, failure to marry by the arranged date will result in the student’s name being moved to the waiting list for single students or the student must vacating Swiss Tower if he/she has moved into married housing.
  3. Waiting List Ranking: Available apartments are offered in order of the appropriate Placement list on a first-come, first-served basis. An applicant’s placement on the appropriate waiting list is solely based on when their application is receivedexcepting that, if an apartment becomes available after the beginning of a semester, the apartment will be offered to the first applicant who communicates their ability to accept the apartment at that time (i.e., if an apartment becomes vacant the second week of Fall/Spring classes and someone has turned in an application the week before and stated that they were still looking for a place to live, that person would be contacted first).
  4. Acceptance Status: Applicants must be fully accepted to DTS in order to be placed on any waiting list. International students who still need to prove their finances are not considered to be fully accepted students and will not be placed on the appropriate waiting list until they have been cleared by the International Students Department.
  5. Lease Term Requirements: All Swiss Tower leases are for a one-year period with the exception of the first lease which may vary in length depending on move-in date. All subsequent leases begin the 1st day of July and end on the last day of June. Students who plan to move out less than the term of the lease (due to graduation, marriage, etc.) may only eligible if the leasee understands that he or she will continue to be responsible for the cost of the entire lease unless a replacement resident becomes available or if the student becomes no longer eligible to live in the apartments. For example, students graduating in December or Winter Intersession may not move in during the Summer/Fall prior; students graduating in May or Summer may not move in during the Winter/Spring prior. The only exception to this rule would occur if there happened to be an empty apartment with no completely eligible applicant.
  6. Seminary Account Financial Responsibility: In order to receive an apartment, all Seminary accounts must be current, and students must not be on any form of probation or in any form of disciplinary process through the office of the Dean of Students.

International Students

  1. International Priority Eligibility: International students who reside in a country outside of the U.S. (excluding Canada and Mexico) and have not resided in the U.S. within the last five years, and who will arrive in the U.S. no more than 30 days prior to the beginning of their first semester (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall) at DTS will receive priority status as applicants on the appropriate waiting list for vacant apartments. This priority status will only be granted to international students who fit the above criteria and who are beginning his/her first DTS degree. International students who have already received one degree from DTS and who are returning for additional degrees or who are returning from a Leave of Absence will not receive this priority status. International students living in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico are not given priority status and will be placed on the appropriate waiting list according to the date the application is received in the Housing Office. If Housing is unable to accommodate an international student with an apartment and, if the student comes to the U.S. and finds housing off-campus, the student is no longer classified as a priority and will be placed on the appropriate waiting list according to the date that their application was received in the Housing Office.
  2. Visa Requirements: International students must have their visas or received notification that they have been approved to receive a visa in order to be assigned an apartment. Housing is unable to hold apartments for international students without visas. As apartments will be booked quickly, in order to be considered for an apartment assignment all international students need to communicate their visa status to the Housing Office by December 1st (for Winter/Spring entry) or May 15th (for Summer/Fall entry). An international student who has not received their visa by these dates will need to look for off-campus housing as all vacant apartments will likely be assigned immediately after these dates.

Current On-Campus Resident Priority

  1. Washington Hall Resident Transitions to Swiss Tower: Current apartment residents who will be getting married and therefore need to transfer from a single apartment to a married apartment have priority over all applicants on the appropriate waiting list, including disabled and international students. For example, if a single female is going to be married and requests to transfer to a married apartment to reside with her new husband, the resident will be given priority over applicants on the appropriate waiting list for a vacant married apartment.

ADA Policy

  1. ADA Priority Eligibility: Students with confirmed disabilities will receive priority status as applicants on the appropriate waiting list for vacant apartments if they demonstrate a significant disability or disabilities which make it necessary for the applicant to reside in campus housing in order to pursue a degree at DTS. Some examples include, but are not limited to, using mobility aids to get around, having problems with balance lasting at least three months, walking up/down 20 stairs without resting, walking 1/4 mile distances with difficulty, standing for 20 minutes. Disabilities must be confirmed by a physician’s letter which states the specific mobility limitations of the applicant. Short-term disabilities do not qualify for priority status. Examples of short-term disabilities include broken bones, torn ligaments/tendons, and recovery from surgery.

Remaining on the Waiting Lists

Each semester waiting list confirmation cards are sent to every person on the respective waiting lists through email with instructions to return the card by a specified date in order to remain on the appropriate waiting list. The Leasing and Relocation Office will only use the contact information that has been provided on the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the Leasing and Relocation Department directly of any changes to e-mail addresses.

Apartment Offer Process

  1. Determining Housing Vacancies The Leasing and Relocation Office will not know until mid-November how many vacancies there will be for Winter/Spring entry but statistically there have been very few. Once the number of vacancies for Winter/Spring is known, Housing will begin contacting applicants and fill all apartments as quickly as possible. Housing will not know how many vacancies there will be for Summer/Fall entry until the end of April and will begin contacting applicants around the first part of May for apartment assignments and will attempt to have all apartments assigned by June 15th for Swiss Tower. While there will be more vacancies for Summer/Fall than there are for Winter/Spring, it may not be possible to accommodate everyone with an apartment.
  2. Offer Process: When an apartment becomes available, efforts will be made to contact the applicant over a period of 36 hours. The initial contact will be via email. An applicant has 36 hours from the time that the apartment offer email was sent to respond to the offer of an apartment. If the applicant has not responded within the allotted time, the next applicant on the appropriate waiting list will be contacted.
  3. Offer Refusal: An applicant may refuse the apartment offered and still maintain their current position on the appropriate waiting list. However, three apartment refusals will result in removal from the waiting list. Waiting list positions are not transferable.
  4. Holding Fees: Once an applicant accepts an apartment, a non-refundable holding fee equal to half of one month's rent, which will be applied towards the deposit, is required within 10 calendar days. The holding fee is forfeited if the applicant chooses not to move into the assigned apartment. After the applicant has selected their apartment and the holding fee has been paid, the applicant may not reconsider and request a different apartment.
  5. Two Week Move-in Window: If the applicant is unable to move into the apartment on the day that the apartment is available to be occupied (the “release date”), the apartment may be held for two weeks (14 calendar days). If the applicant still cannot move in after the 14 days, the applicant may begin paying rent on the 15th day after the release date or the apartment will be offered to the next eligible applicant.
  6. Housing Financial Responsibility: The lease, rental payments, and electricity responsibility will begin on the date the apartment lease agreement is signed and/or keys are distributed except in cases where the applicant cannot move in within 14 days of the release date. In those instances, the lease, rental payments, and electricity responsibility will begin on the 15th day after the release date.

Roommate Assignment Policy

  • Apartmentmate—separate bedroom
  • Roommate—share the same bedroom

Single students are responsible for finding their roommate(s) if desired. The Leasing and Relocation Office does not assign roommates but will screen all potential roommates to make sure that they are eligible to live in campus housing.

* DTS reserves the right to alter these policies without notice under exceptional situations.