Housing & Relocation

Winter Summer Subleasing

During the summer and winter breaks, residents often leave on mission trips or go home for a certain period of time. While they are gone, residents have the option to sublet their apartment in order to cover the cost of their rent. In order to sublease an apartment you must be a current student or an immediate family member of a current resident. Current residents will set a nightly rate for guests.

Because local students often do not know their plans until the last minute; therefore, we will not have a list of available subleases until close to the period of residency. Because of this, sublease requests will not be accepted until April 1st (for Summer Session) or November 1st (for Winter Session). Apartments are assigned on a first come, first serve basis and availability is dependent upon how many residents offer to sublease their apartment.

Contact the Subleasing Coordinator at 214-887-5210 for more information.

Revised 7/19/16