Housing & Relocation

Sublease Information

Current Residents OFFERING their apartment for sublease: Please follow the instructions listed on the Resident Documents page for your particular building.

During the Winter/Summer Sessions, the Subleasing Coordinator conducts an extensive subleasing program for those who need temporary housing (“guest”). This program also assists residents who want to sublease their apartment and/or room (“resident”) while they are away. Please be advised however that while we do our best to accommodate all requests, we are unable to make any guarantees to either party prior to an actual Sublease offer.

Subleasing Procedures

Requesting a Sublease: To request a sublease at DTS for Summer or Winter class sessions, guests must complete the Sublease Request Form and submit it via email to the Sublease Coordinator.

Sublease Request Form

Leasing and Relcation will begin accepting Sublease Request Forms on April 1st (for summer) or November 1st (for winter).

Eligibility: Subleasing guests must be DTS students or close family members of on-campus residents.

Process: The Housing Office will advise potential guests of any sublease opportunities based upon the information provided by the resident. Once a subleasing offer has been sent by Housing to a guest, the guest has 48 hours to accept the offer. If an offer is unacknowledged, the Subleasing Coordinator will contact the next person in line.

Cost and Payment: Washington Hall and Swiss Tower Residents set their own nightly rates for their apartment sublease. That rate (Plus a $6.00 administrative fee) will be charged to the guest for the apartment they stay in. Payment is accepted in the Housing Office (check, cash, money order, cashier’s check made payable to DTS) for the guest’s stay when they sign their Sublease Agreement.

Scheduling Arrival: The guest must inform the Housing Office of the day and approximate time that they will be arriving for coordination with the apartment manager. Seminary holidays, Early morning (before 9 am), late evening (after 8 pm), or Sunday arrivals outside of the hours of 2-4 pm or 6-8 pm are not permitted, so please make arrangements to arrive at an appropriate time.

Expectations while Subleasing an On-Campus Apartment

Resident Belonging Usage: The resident will determine what the guest is permitted to use (dishes, food, closet space, towels/sheets, etc.) and/or may need to do (water plants, feed fish, etc.) while subleasing the apartment and will indicate this on their offer form to the Housing Office. Housing will make the guest aware of these requests. There is no food plan associated with subleasing.

Air Conditioner Usage: The air conditioner must be kept on during the summer as condensation accumulates if it is turned off. We suggest that the thermostat be set to at least 75 degrees so that the electric bill isn’t expensive for cooling an empty apartment.

Cleanliness: Both parties will need to CLEAN THE APARTMENT BEFORE LEAVING. DTS is neither responsible nor liable for the condition of the apartment upon arrival of either party. If a guest feels that the apartment is not clean or is too crowded with furnishings the guest is free to cancel.

Private Sublease Arrangement

Coordinating a Sublease between Residents: If a sublease arrangement is made privately between a resident and guest, both parties are required to obtain approval from the Housing Office. Both parties are required to complete the appropriate paperwork. Failure to obtain approval or complete forms will result in a $25 fine to the resident.