Campus Departments

Mail, Books, and Copies

DTS Campus Post Office

The Campus Post Office, located on Swiss Avenue at Haskell (next to Luke’s Ministries), will be open to serve you Mon.—Fri. from 8:00-11:30 and 12:30-4:00.

Postal Services
Books and rolls of stamps, envelopes, and padded mailers may be purchased. Priority/priority express, certified, and insured services are available. UPS services are also available. We also can receive FedEx outgoing mail as long as a prior mail pick up has been arranged. We cannot process FedEx mail on-site. We will only process your package if you have paid the shipping amount in full. We cannot accept payment at a later date. It must be paid on the day you intend you ship it.
Packages (domestic and international) may be mailed at the DTS Post Office. All packages must be properly wrapped with packing tape and/or mailers. No string, masking tape, or cellophane tape will be accepted.
Outgoing Mail
Outgoing mail leaves our warehouse at 2 p.m., Mon.–Fri. There is a mailbox on the corner of Swiss and St. Joseph in which you may deposit small outgoing mail after 2 p.m.
For those who live in Washington Hall and Swiss Tower, USPS will deliver properly addressed letters to your apartment mailbox. DTS Post Office does not deliver to these mailboxes, nor do we pick up from them. If you need to send outgoing mail, whether a letter or package, please come to the DTS Post Office.
Personal Mail
For students who live on campus, please include your apartment number on all correspondence. This includes both letters and packages. Please do not use 3909 Swiss Ave as your address for any correspondence. Your address should be written as follows:

Swiss Tower: 
[Your name]
3900 Swiss Ave, Apt. [Your apt number]
Dallas, TX 75204

Washington Hall:
[Your name]
1107 St. Joseph St., Apt. [Your apt number]
Dallas, TX 75204
Large Packages
If you are having furniture or other similarly large items sent to your on-campus apartment, please call DTS Mail Services and let us know so we are aware of its arrival. We want to make sure and have room for it in our warehouse once it arrives.
Food Deliveries
While many people have started to order food and groceries online and have them shipped to them, please note we have very limited space to store refrigerated items. We are not responsible for spoiled goods.
If you will be gone for the summer or are graduating, please leave your forwarding address with the DTS Post Office. Forms are available upon request. Mail will be forwarded for 6 months.

If you have further questions or need further details regarding any of the above information, please feel free to stop by the DTS Post Office. We are here to serve you.

Book Center

The Seminary Book Center has been our students’ favorite place to shop for many years. Why? Almost every book is discounted 20 percent. That’s right—textbooks, gift books, and even most special order books can be bought for 20 percent off the retail price! Got a cookbook you need? 20 percent off. A favorite thriller? 20 percent off. If you don’t see a book you want, ask us. We can special order just about anything. And you know that you’ll be saving 20 percent off almost all those texts for classes. You can also charge your books with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card and receive the same discount. Also, check out our website at to search our inventory day or night.

Stock up with back-to-school supplies, snacks, and DTS clothing. Some hot new commodities in clothing include our Greek and Hebrew T-shirts. The bookstore is also a great source for music. All of our Christian music is 15 percent off the retail price (including new music and special orders). We have listening stations to help you with your selections. Don’t forget your loved ones. The Book Center has all sorts of gift items, greeting cards and gift wrap to let them know how much you care.

Are you in need of an Apple computer? We sell all Macs at educational discounted prices. How about software? If you need software such as Office XP Pro, Office X for Mac, or Photoshop, our academic prices can’t be beat. We also have the best Bible software such as Accordance, BibleWorks and Logos. Feel free to stop by and see us. We would be more than happy to demo our PowerBook laptop, iMac or eMac. Come by and visit us. You’ll be glad you did!

Textbooks Ordering Tips

Follow this procedure to find out the texts you need:

  • Under the Go To, choose textbooks.
  • Select “Order Books Online” button.
  • Choose credit card or student bank.
  • Select the titles you want by checking the boxes on the right, or print the list and come to the Book Center to place your order.

Buy only the books that are required for your course(s). Wait until after the first class to buy suggested books. Sometimes suggested books have to be read cover-to-cover, but other times they’re just meant to supplement the course. (I know, I know. There are some books you can’t resist. I buy some of the suggested early, but only those I’d read even if I wasn’t taking the class.) Please buy only the books for the courses and sections for which you are enrolled. If you buy texts for other courses, we will run out of them for the students who are enrolled in those courses. After the first 4 weeks, all of the textbooks are available for anyone to purchase.

Pay attention to course changes. Different professors often have entirely different books for the same course.

From time to time, publishers are late in sending a specific book to us, or we run out of a text. Please special order it if you want the book. Every year students go without because we don’t know how many still need the book.

In order for us to keep giving discounts, we can only take returns or exchanges within 48 hours of the time of purchase (not including special orders or computer sales). The returned book or Bible must be unused and unmarked. Music and software must remain shrink-wrapped and unopened. You must have the dated receipt—no exceptions. Purchases made by credit card will be returned to the credit card, student account to student account, etc. (Of course, we will replace defective books anytime, and if you drop a class we will give credit with a drop slip for books in new condition within the first two weeks of the semester.)

Copy Center (Mail Services Building)

For Faculty, Staff, and Students.

At the Copy Center (M-F  8 a.m.-11:30 a.m.) you can:

  • laminate—we have three sizes of lamination material: wallet size, letter size, and 11 x 17.
  • punch and spiral bind—pay for your materials and do it yourself.
  • leave your copying for us to do at a reduced cost—we require at least two days advance notice to complete your work.
  • purchase paper—by the sheet or by the ream.