Media Center

Training Sessions

Free training sessions are offered at the Media Center each semester. All sessions will be held in the Media Center in the basement of the library. Seminary students, faculty, staff, and spouses are welcome to attend. To reserve a seat, call (214) 887-5285, email, or stop in at the Media Center (basement of library). Seating is limited.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Creating Bible Charts in Excel for Beginners

Instructor: Coy Stark

This session is designed to take a student who has never used Excel from learning the most basic Excel functions to producing a chart that will fulfill the requirements of BE assignments here at DTS.

Session Dates Topics Covered

11:30am–12:45pm, Tuesday, January 23

11:30am–12:45pm, Wednesday, February 7

11:30am–12:45pm, Friday, February 16

  • How to begin the process of creating a chart, even before you get to Excel
  • How to create a new Excel document
  • Options for paper sizes and printing / PDF
  • How to layout and format your chart
  • Entering text
  • How to format and merge cells
  • How to add color and images
  • How to draw borders around your finished chart

Creating Bible Timelines in Prezi for Beginners

Instructor: Chase Jones

In this session, you will learn how to use Prezi (a free online presentation tool) to help you create a Bible timeline for classes such as BE103 and BE104. No prior knowledge is required to attend this session. We highly recommend this session to BE students but everyone is more than welcome to join.

Session Dates Topics Covered

11:30am–12:45pm, Tuesday, January 30

11:30am–12:45pm, Friday, February 9

11:30am–12:45pm, Tuesday, February 13

  • Create an account in Prezi
  • Learn how to use Prezi
  • Create a sample timeline in Prezi
  • Drawing the timeline and date markers
  • Inserting dates and other information
  • Inserting pictures or clipart
  • Printing the timeline

Making Your Own Website

Instructor: Chris Reynolds

This session will help students create their own website for your internship/ministry portfolio, personal use, freelance business, etc. No prior experience is needed. The class will use Wix (free online website designing tool) to create the website.

Session Dates Topics Covered

11:30–12:45, Thursday, January 25

11:30–12:45, Friday, February 2

  • Create a free website for personal use, ministry, internship portfolio, etc.
  • Learn basic website design
  • Basic aesthetic principles
  • Using WIX free templates
  • Uploading picture/video to website

PowerPoint Basics

Instructor: Felix Garza

In this session, you will learn the most used functions in PowerPoint. Zero or little previous experience with PowerPoint is required for this class. During the course of our time together you will be gradually taken through the steps needed to complete the map assignment for BE104 and create a short slide show.

Session Dates Topics Covered

11:30am–12:45pm, Wednesday, January 24

11:30am–12:45pm, Tuesday, February 6

11:30am–12:45pm, Thursday, February 15

  • How to start a presentation from preset templates.
  • How to create slides from preset layouts.
  • How to add and modify content (text, shapes, pictures).
  • How to add and modify slide transitions and animations.
  • How to change the order of slides and animations.
  • How to label a map of Israel for the BE 104 assignment
  • How to change aspect ratio (4:3 to 16:9)

Turabian Style for DTS Papers

Instructor: Jason Gardner & Coy Stark

This session is designed for students who may have never written a paper in DTS Turabian style or for students who have written papers in DTS Turabian style and who desire to learn an easier way to set up their papers. This session will cover two important aspects of using Turabian formatting at DTS: 1. What is "Turabian formatting" and how do you use it in writing your papers? 2. How to find, customize, save and use the DTS Word Template.

Session Dates Topics Covered

11:30am–12:45pm, Friday, January 26

11:30am–12:45pm, Thursday, February 1

11:30am–12:45pm, Wednesday, February 14

  • Tools available to help with Turabian formatting
  • The proper format for various types of Turabian footnote and bibliography citations
  • The proper layout for a paper written in DTS Turabian format
  • How to use DTS’s Microsoft Word Template to format papers in proper Turabian format.
  • Use of styles and headings in the Word template
  • How to number pages properly
  • When and how to insert block quotations and how to footnote them
  • Tips and tricks for Turabian formatting

Using Zotero to Format Footnotes & Bibliographies

Instructor: Debbie Hunn

Zotero is a free bibliographic management system that helps create and manage footnotes and bibliographies. This session is designed for students who anticipate writing papers with more footnotes than they wish to type directly. Please use the Macs in the lab during this session.

Session Dates Topics Covered

11:30am–12:45pm, Wednesday, January 31

11:30am–12:45pm, Thursday, February 8

  • Constructing Zotero records for books and articles
  • Importing records from databases
  • Creating footnotes from Zotero records
  • Editing footnotes
  • Changing footnote format
  • Creating bibliographies