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The Communications team is composed of several talented groups including web development and design, print and creative services, video and media production, and DTS Magazine.

If you need to start a Communications project, please submit your request to Task Dispenser, or submit a request to your DTS employee representative to make a on your behalf.

Project Guidelines

Print Project (Debbie Stevenson)

  • Timeline: 6-7 weeks for most projects (longer for more complex ones), 2-3 weeks for reprints
  • Requirements to get started: budget line, quantity needed, audience, and primary text, printed and signed Project Request Form
  • For mailings, also submit Bulk Mail form and final mailing list (Excel format, with column headers) to David Winkler 2-3 weeks prior to mail date

Email (Davis Mursalie)

  • Timeline: 7 business days (longer if new template/design needed)
  • Requirements: subject, from name and email, finalized text, list

Web Updates (Davis Mursalie)

  • Timeline: 3-5 days for minor changes, 3-6 weeks for advanced (reports, forms, registrations, conferences)
  • Requirements: URL, all text, clear description of functionality.

Video Projects (Ryan Holmes)

  • Timeline: 3-9 months
  • Requirements: audience, script, actors, planned classroom space

These timeline are general guidelines and may need to shift based on the priorities of the seminary as a whole.