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How Much Does It Cost Per Semester?

To get an estimate of tuition costs, choose your campus and degree, then adjust other numbers such as hours and scholarships.

2019-2020 Tuition Rates

wdt_ID Degree Credits per Semester Cost
1 Master's (including CGS and nondegree), fall and spring 9+ hours $595/credit hour
2 Master's (including CGS and nondegree), fall and spring 1-8 hours $619/credit hour
3 Master's, summer 6+ $595/credit hour
4 Master's, winter $595/credit hour
5 Non-U.S. Chinese and Spanish (contact us) Rates Vary
6 Doctor of Philosophy stage one $619/credit hour
7 Doctor of Philosophy stage two $665/credit hour
9 Doctor of Philosophy (qualified full-time ministry rate: Cru, YoungLife, Kanakuk, etc.) stage one $415/credit hour
10 Doctor of Philosophy (qualified full-time ministry rate: Cru, YoungLife, Kanakuk, etc.) stage two $485/credit hour
11 Doctor of Ministry/Doctor of Educational Ministry $650/credit hour

Financial Aid Calculator

Tuition Costs

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Your Costs

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^ DTS extension campuses and sites (Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, and San Antonio) have specialized Financial Aid funding. Contact Admissions for more information.

* Estimated tuition does not include the cost of books. Additionally, you should estimate $285 for fees. Fees cover items such as technology resources, monitored parking lots, and on-campus facilities (library, wifi, etc.).

** DTS provides a monthly payment system called Tuition Management Systems (TMS) which allows you to pay your tuition in 5 payments over a semester or 10 payments over a year. This estimate is based on 5 payments.

Scholarship estimates are for the Dallas, Houston, and Washington, DC campuses and apply for second semester and beyond. Incoming DTS students typically receive a $2,000 scholarship for their first semester. Final scholarship amounts depend on availability of funds and the number of students who apply. DMin students are traditionally supported by their sending ministry.