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Finances and Scholarships

Financial Management

Payment for your classes before the deadline (your student “Register for Classes” webpage states the deadline) ensures your classes will not be cancelled. Inform your supporters that they need to send their financial gift to the Business Office well before payment is due and to send it to the following address:

Student Account (#_________)
Accounting & Business Office
Dallas Theological Seminary
3909 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

Scholarships for New Students

A small number of scholarships are issued for students who begin in the fall semester of each year. They cover tuition costs for each year of the program, but require registration each January for confirmation. The living expenses are covered for the student, but for the first year only. It is expected that the student’s other supporters will sustain living needs for the remaining years of study. Unfortunately, scholarships are few and on campus employment is not guaranteed, so do not depend on these options as your likely source of support.

Financial Planning Tips for New Students

  1. On-campus employment is possible but openings are limited. Unfortunately, it cannot be counted as support when documenting your finances to attend seminary.
  2. Be sure your sources of support are firm and secure. A strong financial basis is key to enabling you to concentrate fully on your studies once you arrive. Bear in mind, having just established, at the embassy, that you have sufficient funds to study for 12 months, problems should not arise within the first year. All F-1 students are encouraged to develop a team of supporters for the duration of their studies.
  3. F-1 students are required to have DTS-approved health insurance. Keep this in mind when you are estimating your expenses. If you hope to use health insurance based outside the US, only those who are single are eligible. Submit documentary proof of the insurance, its explanations, program information, proof of the US office address, and send to the Benefits Officer in the Human Resources Department at DTS, requesting response for approval of intentions. Otherwise, DTS offers an affordable insurance option that most students choose. Bear in mind that travel insurance normally has a restricted period for use.


U.S health insurance companies will not pay for the cost of delivery and hospital expenses of wives who are already pregnant before arriving in the US. In addition, there is no financial aid on campus available for this need. You will need to cover the costs, which are sometimes more than $12,000 USD. There are no free services in this area. If the wife becomes pregnant before traveling to DTS in the USA, you should do the following;

  1. Postpone travel plans until after delivery.
  2. Contact the Seminary and arrange to begin coursework after the baby arrives.
  3. Submit evidence of the additional support necessary (about $4,000) to support the child and
  4. Return the outdated I-20 form back to the International Student Adviser at DTS before the valid forms can be sent to you.

If you still intend to come with the wife expecting a child, then you must document an additional $12,000 to cover pre-natal and delivery costs in a U.S. hospital.