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Financial Requirements

Please refer to the DTS catalog for the current cost of tuition and fees.  Once an international is accepted, the International Student Office will dutifully inform the applicant of the financial documentation required, that is the yearly expenses for 12 months of study at DTS.  Costs reflect first year initial expenses and vary by size of household, type of visa, and level of program.

2018-2019 Estimate of Annual Cost of Living for Typical Master’s Level F-1 Students

wdt_ID Status Children Living Expenses Tuition/Books/Fees Total
1 Single N/A $14,882 $14,478 $29,360
2 Married None $23,200 $14,478 $37,678
3 Married 1 $29,022 $14,478 $43,500
4 Married 2 $34,794 $14,478 $49,272
5 Married 3 $42,872 $14,478 $57,350
6 Married 4 $48,574 $14,478 $63,052
7 Married 5 $54,584 $14,478 $69,062

Students need to prove finances for one year of study after they have been accepted as a student at DTS before the government will issue a visa.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for international students. If you complete your application with all of its supporting documents by January 15 for the Fall semester, you can apply for financial aid. In general, because of the very limited availability of financial aid, you should look into alternate means of supporting your education as well.

Students receiving an international student scholarship are required to return to their home country. Scholarships cover the cost of tuition, books, and fees. Additional scholarship money may be provided to cover some of the student’s living expenses for the first year only. Living expenses for family members are not covered by scholarships.

You can apply for financial aid after you have become a student accepted by the Admissions Committee.