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Agape Project

Teach Truth. Love Well.

The Agape Project is experience-based learning that occurs through engagement with real-life situations of need and affords students opportunities to:

  1. enact biblical and theological instruction they have received in the classroom
  2. integrate classroom instruction with learning that occurs during service in the community
  3. make a difference in the community while being touched by the very lives they serve

Frequently Asked Questions

Agape assignments are offered at the professor’s discretion and are found in the syllabus. In some courses the assignment will be optional, in others it will be required. Agape assignments are alternative assignments, not additional (they do not require additional work for the student).

Students are required to spend approximately 15 hours (throughout the semester) interacting with people in need of compassion: e.g., the homeless, the elderly, those with physical limitations, or refugees. After investing this time in interpersonal ministry, the student will write a reflection describing what was learned during the experience as it relates to a specific topic in the course. See your course syllabus for further instructions.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Students who begin the ThM after Summer 2015 will be required to complete at least two Agape assignments before beginning their internship. ThM students who began before Fall 2015 (or students in any other degree program) are not required to complete any Agape assignments, unless it is a requirement in a specific course.

ThM students entering Fall 2015 or later will need to login to Canvas to find more information about the requirements of the Agape Project.

Unless the professor assigns students a particular service project, they can choose where they will serve. We do not place students with an organization, or have official partnering relationships with other organizations, but we have provided a directory of possible service opportunities. Students can also choose an organization that is not on the list and submit it for approval.

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