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Mentoring Resources


Organic Mentoring (DTS Chapel)

Where Mentoring Goes Wrong

Developing Leadership Through Mentoring & Coaching

Hendricks Center



Mentoring Resources (Annotated bibliography compiled by Marty Scott, 2013)

Mentoring Women (Selected bibliography)

Clinton, J. Robert. The Bible and Leadership Values

Clinton, J. Robert and Richard W. Clinton. The Mentor Handbook

Edwards, Sue and Barbara Neumann. Organic Mentoring: A Mentor’s Guide to Relationships with Next Generation Women

Forman, Rowland. The Lost Art of Lingering: Mutual Mentoring for Life Transformation. Provides a valuable list of mentoring books in the resources section.

Hillman, George M. Preparing for Ministry: A Practical Guide to Theological Field Education

Smarto, Don. Faith-Based Mentoring: A Practical Manual for Working with Troubled Youth

Williams, Brian A. The Potter’s Rib: Mentoring for Pastoral Formation