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Mentoring Quickstart Guide

So, you desire to be involved in a Christ-centered mentoring relationship. What do you do? What steps can you take to begin? Here are some suggestions for both mentor and mentee.

For Mentors

Step 1: Pray

Ask God to use your strengths and life experience to encourage and grow others.

Step 2: Prepare

Make room in your schedule for mentoring relationships. Be attentive and open to those who come across your path. Take time to talk to potential mentees, show interest in their life situations, and let them know you are available.

Step 3: Let the Mentee Initiate

Mentoring usually works best when a mentee identifies the mentor from whom they want to learn and initiates the relationship. However, if you are drawn to a particular person or sense someone desires help but is too shy to initiate, you may take this step.

Step 4: Meet

Plan your time together based on the needs and availability of one another.

Step 5: Ask/Listen

Listen carefully and ask good questions to discover your mentee’s situation, thinking, and needs. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone in a mentoring relationship is to simply listen, understand, and help him or her process life situations and make godly decisions.

For Mentees

Step 1: Pray

Ask God to alert you to those in your life who can help you learn and grow. There may be several who can mentor you in different areas. If you desire a mentor you should take the initiative.

Step 2: Prepare

Be clear about what you want from a mentor. What do you want to talk about? What questions do you have? What are you seeking to learn? When you have identified your mentoring need, look for a person who can help you grow in that area. It’s unrealistic to expect one person to meet all your mentoring needs, but you can usually find a mentor who can meet one or more of your needs.

Step 3: Initiate

Ask the mentor of your choice to meet with you and discuss your question or situation. It is a good idea to tell a potential mentor what you want to talk about beforehand.

Step 4: Meet

If there seems to be interest on both sides, schedule meetings according to your learning goals and the availability of your mentor.

Step 5: Come With a Teachable Heart

Be open to helpful feedback, and another perspective on your situation. Mentoring is a learning relationship, so be ready to reflect and learn.