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Pastoral Ministries


The purpose of the Department of Pastoral Ministries is to prepare biblically centered, Spirit-empowered servants with pastoral hearts and skills to reach God’s world, preach God’s word, and lead God’s church, in order to conform all people to Christ.

In light of the need for pastoral hearts and skills in a wide range of church and parachurch ministries, the Department of Pastoral Ministries invites all students to participate in its courses, regardless of academic program, ministry emphasis, or vocational aspiration. Courses in this department are designed to help students employ theology in a variety of Christian ministries.

  • Preaching Courses—help students interpret and communicate the Bible for the purpose of transformation, whether in a worship service, at a Bible study, or around the camp fire.
  • Pastoral Theology Courses—help students employ theology in leading the church from inception (evangelism and church planting) to expression (worship and oversight).
  • Critical Issues Courses—help students respond theologically to contemporary issues like bioethics and spiritual formation.
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PM5101 Christian Life and Witness
A study of biblical principles and practices that govern true Christian life, from its inception to its destiny, with emphasis on the Mission of God, the sufficiency of divine provisions, and the heart condition necessary for conversion, holy living, and evangelism.
PM5103 Expository Preaching I
An introduction to basic expository preaching theory and skills, emphasizing the preparation and delivery of a theologically derived proposition/thrust of a biblical text/pericope with accuracy, clarity, relevance, and interest. Students preach twice and receive evaluation from fellow students and the professor.
PM5104 Expository Preaching II
Instruction in narrative preaching, with attention to narratology, theological development, and long-term sermon development. Students preach three times 
and receive evaluation from the professor and fellow students.
PM5110 Capstone Preaching
This course challenges ThM students to prepare independently and deliver a portfolio-quality sermon that demonstrates their ability to apply exegetical, theological, and homiletical skills learned throughout their education. Required of ThM students in the last 30 credit hours of program completion.
PM5120 Basics in Biblical Communication
An introduction to basic biblical communication theory and skills, emphasizing the preparation and delivery of a biblical message with a biblical main idea and with relevance. Students deliver a message once and receive evaluation from the professor and from fellow students. Limited to students in the Chinese-language programs only.
PM5202 Advanced Expository Preaching
Instruction in preaching the Psalms and Old Testament prophetic passages. Students preach three times, including a “portfolio sermon,” and develop a preaching calendar. Required of all students in the Homiletics emphasis.
PM5210 Homiletic Theory and Practice
A study of biblical preaching, with emphasis on advanced homiletic theory and practice.
PM5231 Preaching OT Narrative
Preparing for and preaching narratives of the Old Testament, with emphasis on backgrounds, forms, literary technique, theology, and homiletics.
PM5232 Preaching the Gospels
Preparing for and preaching the Gospels, emphasizing backgrounds, forms, Synoptic parallels, literary technique, theology, and homiletics.
PM5251 Evangelistic Preaching
A study of the content, principles, and practice of expository evangelistic sermons, including preparing and preaching evangelistic messages.
PM5252 Topical Expository Preaching
Instruction in preaching topical expository sermons. Students preach three topical expository sermons and write a research paper.
PM5260 Preaching and Theology of Genesis 1-11
This course focuses on preparing for and preaching Genesis 1–11, emphasizing pericopal theology and application. Attention is given to researching and presenting stances on the key theological/worldview issues in this first major section of Scripture. This course prepares students not only to preach Scripture and to apply the theological thrusts of Genesis 1-11 to life and ministry, but also to think through critical topics in Genesis 1-11 pertinent to society and culture and to take a personal stance on those issues in order to teach them.
PM5281 Spiritual Preparation for Preaching and Ministry
A study of the personal and spiritual steps the preacher must pursue to proclaim God’s truth. The course emphasizes both God’s role in preparing the preacher for the task as well as the preacher’s responsibility in pursuing the spiritual disciplines leading to reliance on the Holy Spirit in preaching. The course is intended for those who plan to make preaching central to their ministry whether in local, parachurch, or missionary settings.
PM5291 Teaching Homiletics
A practicum in the teaching of homiletics. Students practice teaching basic communication principles, guide the homiletic process, evaluate messages, and provide constructive feedback under the professor’s supervision.
PM5301 Pastoral Theology and LeadershipI
A study of the theology and leadership of the church, with attention given to the leader’s personal development and the core concepts for “building Christ’s church” such as the church’s leadership, values, mission, vision, and strategy, including community, disciple-making, teaming, and finances.
PM5302 Worship and Pastoral Care
Skill development in the preparation and leadership of corporate worship experiences and pastoral care. The student will study the significance of worship for Christian formation and pastoral care, survey biblical and historical theology, the significance of music, the ordinances, and other pastoral duties. The student will also design and lead brief experiences of worship and pastoral care in the class.
PM5341 Church Planting I
This course defines church planting, assesses potential church planters, and takes students through the first stage (conception stage) of church planting, including preparation, personnel, and church-planting principles. Students will team together to develop an actual or potential church plant for North America or abroad.
PM5342 Church Planting II
A study of the remaining five stages of the church-planting process: development, birth, growth, maturity, and reproduction. Students will team together to design a leadership development program for a new church in North America or abroad. Prerequisite: PM5341 Church Planting I.
PM5351 Foundations for Women in Ministry Leadership
A study of biblical, theological, historical, and sociological foundations for women in ministry leadership. The course is designed to aid both men and women who will be responsible for various areas of ministry. May also be credited in the Department of Educational Ministries and Leadership.
PM5360 Preparation for Ordination
Orientation and preparation for the student’s ordination or commissioning to vocational Christian ministry within the local church and its extensions of ministry.
PM5361 Bioethics and Pastoral Care
A study of pastoral ethics, counseling, and ministry in the current health-care environment, including issues created by research strategies, reproductive technologies, eugenics, end-of-life decisions, and directions in public policy. May also be credited in the Department of Theological Studies or the Department of Biblical Counseling.
PM5405 Advanced Evangelism: Theology, Apologetics, & Gospel Presentation
This course involves students in theological reflection, apologetics approaches, and evangelistic presentations effective in reaching pre-Christians through personal and proclamation evangelism. This course may also be credited in the Department of World Missions and Intercultural Studies.
PM5510 Spiritual Formation in Historical Perspective
A study in the history of Christian spiritual formation from the patristic era through its contemporary evangelical expressions designed to introduce students to the rich resources of the Christian tradition available for providing nurture and guidance in soul care. May also be credited in the Department of Educational Ministries and Leadership (see EML5730).
PM5520 Spiritual Formation in Contemporary Culture
A study of contemporary cultural dynamics and the implications for spiritual formation which they present with special attention given to paradigms of the church’s engagement with the broader cultural environment, the contemporary cultural realities that inhibit growth in Christ-likeness, and cultural factors that inform and shape faithful expressions of soul care.
PM5540 Developing and Leading the Culturally Diverse Church
A study of theological and practical strategies for the development and leadership of nationally, ethnically, racially, and economically diverse churches, with particular attention to the relative roles and issues for homogeneous and diverse churches, anticipating the challenges that emerge in churches with major differences among the members.
PM5901 Independent Study in Pastoral Ministries
Independent research in some phase of homiletics, pastoral theology, counseling, evangelism, or urban ministry. Credit is allowed proportionate to the amount of work but not to exceed 4 semester hours in any one phase of study. Limited to advanced students and subject to consent of the professor. 1–4 hours.
PM5902 Pastoral Ministries Thesis
Independent research and writing of a thesis on an approved topic under the supervision of two faculty advisors. Students will have one calendar year to complete the thesis. If the thesis is not completed by the end of a year, students will be registered in PM903. Enrollment requires consent of the department. 2 or 3 hours.
PM5903 Pastoral Ministries Thesis Continuation
The thesis continuation course is required of all students writing a thesis who are beyond one year in the thesis process. Thesis continuation is permitted for a maximum of one additional semester (for a 2-hour thesis, including summer) or two additional semesters (for a 3-hour thesis, including summer).
PM5905 Special Topics in Pastoral Ministries
This course is designed for students who choose to participate in special conferences, training, or programs that are more formal in nature and require student participation other than a standard independent study. Approved special topics will provide expertise or training not specifically covered in the seminary curriculum. Credit is allowed proportionate to the required amount of work but is not to exceed 4 semester hours on any one topic. Enrollment requires consent of the department. 1–4 hours.
PM5906 Independent Study in Pastoral Ministry in the Urban Context
Independent research in an area of pastoral ministry in the urban or inner-city context. Students may choose to research questions related to demographics and ethnicity of the inner-city church, family life in the urban context, leadership in the urban church, pastoral care in the urban church, or other relevant topics. Credit is granted proportionate to the amount of work but is not to exceed 4 semester hours in any single phase of study. Enrollment is subject to the consent of the professor 1–4 hours.

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