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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a refresher on the registration process through CampusNet, please view this brief Registration Instructions video.

Student ID and Spouse ID cards are processed in the Student Life office. The student and spouse must request this in person. Student pictures will be taken at that time.

Replacement cards are available in the Advising Center. A fee of $5 will be charged to the student’s account a few days after the reprint.

Passwords are given to all students in their acceptance email. If it is misplaced, simply begin to log on to your CampusNet page, and click “Cancel” when the password screen pops up. This will reroute you to a page where you can reset your password. This information cannot be given out over the phone. (Section 1.1, Student Handbook)

Personal information can be updated in CampusNet, the student web site.

Degree plan changes, or reclassifications, are handled through the Advising Center. The initial meeting should be with an Academic Advisor or the Assistant Registrar, and after that a meeting may be held with Admissions to approve or deny the request. A $75 fee will be charged for each reclassification.

Track/Emphasis or concentration changes may be made by submitting the request on your CampusNet page on the student website, under Forms and Information. For the ThM Ministry Emphasis request, look under “Online Interactive Applications,” and for the MACE track declaration, look under “Registrar and Advising.”

Schedule changes can be made online at no charge prior to the payment deadline for each session. You can add/drop courses on your Campus Net account under the “Register for Classes” page.

After the payment deadline, there will be a $10 schedule change fee assessed for each course dropped. The fee will be waived for added courses. Courses dropped after they have started will be subject to the tuition refund schedule as posted in the Student Handbook, Section 3. You can view the Tuition Refund Schedule.

Complete an Independent Study Form located on your student CampusNet page under Forms and Information. (It is necessary to obtain permission from – and the signature of – the professor who teaches the course.) The completed form is returned to the Advising Center and is used to register you for the course.

All independent studies must be registered through the Advising Center, and not on-line. Students may complete a portion of the following graduate-level programs by independent study:

  • ThM—up to 18 hours of elective credit
  • MA—up to 12 hours of elective credit
  • CBTS and STM—up to 6 hours of elective credit.

Required courses may not be done by independent study. For more information, contact the Advising Center. (Section 1.2, Student Handbook)

A course may be audited only by students who have officially registered to audit the course subject to class availability. Audits are normally not allowed in the following cases:

  • in courses that are required courses in a student’s degree program,
  • by students planning on taking them later for credit, or
  • in courses in which the professor does not allow audits.

A course cannot be changed from credit to audit at a time when a student is subject to the grade of F or WF. Audit course registration occurs online at the same time as regular registration. See the Student Handbook, Section 1.3.2, for further details.

The Spouse Audit Request form opens one week prior to classes, and closes the Friday of the first week of classes (you have two weeks to make a request). Priority is given to regularly enrolled students. The spouse makes a request through the current student’s CampusNet page, under Forms and Information. The cost is $30 per course and is limited to three courses per semester. Openings are filled on a first come first serve basis. (Section 1.3.3)

ThM students may take up to five additional courses beyond the 120 hours required for their degree while still enrolled in the program. There is a modest fee of $50 per course to cover the cost of materials. Students may register for a maximum of one tuition-free course per semester. Registration is based on space available in the class and will begin the first day of the semester. These courses may be taken for credit or for audit and do not count toward the student’s degree, but will be included in the grade point average if it is taken for credit. Registration for these classes can only be done by filling out a form in the Advising Center. See the Student Handbook, Section 1.3.8, for further details.

Yes. It is very important that the Advising Center be notified when the student takes a semester off. This may be done by filling out a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Notice on you CampusNet page, under Forms and Information. If you plan to take more than a year off from classes, it will be necessary to withdraw from DTS. To do this, you must fill out the same Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Notice. Please see the Student Handbook, Section 1.13.1, for further details.

Prior to final approval of an LOA or official withdrawal, you will need to have a brief advising meeting with the appropriate department.

An easy way to find out when it’s your time and day to register is to log onto to your CampusNet page using your username/student ID# and password. Check the upper right hand corner making sure you are in the correct session and year. The system will not allow early registration but will give the correct time for registration.

The ThM must be completed in 8 years, all MA degrees in 7 years, and the CBTS in 5 years. STM students must take at least 3 semesters with a maximum of 3 years. PhD must take at least 3 years with a maximum of 8 years. DMin must also take at least 3 years with a maximum of 6 years. Graduation within the time limit is not possible when taking only one class per semester. An average of 9 credit hours must be taken each year in order to complete a degree. Leave of Absence does not extend the time limit. (Section 1.14, Student Handbook) View our Tools and Timelines for more information.