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Student Thank You Messages (2016)

– Thanks for your love for DTS students and family. I am from South Korea and this is my first semester at DTS and first time in the US. Thanks for your gifts, especially turkey, which is the very first time to have. Your love gives me wonderful memory of my first Christmas in the US. God bless you and your ministry. 

~ Wook L.

– Y’all are a very special group of people. I am blown away by your generosity. This turkey dinner will really bless my family. We are very fond of this classic American meal. Thank you for going above and beyond to serve us. Your character really points back to the God we all worship. May y’all have a Merry Christmas with your families. Thanks for making mine more merry!

~ Roger J.

– Thank you so much for this generous Christmas gift! My husband and I are newlyweds and rarely get to spend time together between work and school. We are planning to use this feast for a special holiday “date night” that we would not have otherwise been able to afford. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

~ Anne and Chris H.

– Thank you so much for your generosity! This will be our second Christmas away from home and with a limited income, it is so nice to have a meal provided. We will most likely have Christmas this year with friends, so this meal will be stretched even further. Thank you again for blessing our family and saving a pregnant mother with two toddlers from having to cook an entire Christmas meal. 

~ The Czelusniak Family

– Thank you gracious donors! I’m a student from China in the Christian counseling program. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous giving to DTS. It has been a big blessing in my life. I thank God every day for bringing me here to study. Your giving has made this come true. I’m praying that the Lord would bless you abundantly in everything you do and use you to bless more people in your life.

~ Crystal J. S