Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Advanced Expository Preaching Cohort

DTS is pleased to offer a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree in Ministry Leadership with an emphasis for Advanced Expository Preaching.

This program is formatted as a modified cohort in which the same group of students will go through a select portion of the program together.

The advanced expository preaching cohort is designed for a seminary graduate who is in a full-time preaching/teaching ministry. The assignments are focused on the practice and demonstration of skill in a preaching context and cannot be completed unless the student is regularly involved in a pulpit ministry. The student does not necessarily have to be a senior pastor, but must have the opportunity to preach on a regular basis (a minimum of 12 times per calendar year). A member of a pastoral staff who teaches an adult Sunday school class and is able to practice homiletics in that venue could also fulfill the assignments.

The advanced expository preaching cohort will be led by Roger Raymer and Scott Barfoot. Roger Raymer has more than twenty years of experience as a senior pastor having pastored churches in Christchurch, New Zealand, Houston, TX and currently at Lake Ridge Bible Church in Mesquite, Texas. In addition, Roger has also served on the Dallas Theological faculty since 1979 as full-time and adjunct professor. Roger completed his Doctor of Ministry in expository preaching under Dr. Haddon Robinson at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Scott Barfoot serves as director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Dallas Theological Seminary. He leads a diverse team of staff and faculty for greater ministry effectiveness as godly servant-leaders worldwide. Prior to coming back to Dallas Seminary Scott served as a senior pastor in the Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC, regions.

The cohorts will involve onsite field trips to area churches. In addition, seasoned homileticians will also be invited to class to discuss expository preaching in their designated areas of ministry. The objective is to provide students with practical ideas coupled with individualized coaching, and peer mentoring to increase the student's homiletical competency and ministry effectiveness.

Applicants must possess an accredited MDiv or ThM degree or equivalent, with two years of Greek and one year of Hebrew. Prospective students with three semesters of Greek may apply.

Degree Breakdown

Required Cohort Classes (18 hours)

First Summer (6 hours)

  • Initial Introduction to reaffirming and refining the art and discipline of expository preaching (includes DM101 The Ministry Leader Seminar).

Second Summer (6 hours)

  • Continuation of reaffirming and refining the art and discipline of expository preaching with an emphasis on creativity, relevance, and mentoring techniques in homiletics (includes DM102 The Applied Research Project Development Seminar).

Third Summer (6 hours)

  • Conclusion of reaffirming and refining the art and discipline of expository preaching with a focus on current trends, and communication skills in current culture.

Additional Required Courses (12 hours)

  • Elective Course (3 hours)
  • Elective Course (3 hours)
  • Elective Course/Elective Independent Study (3 hours)
  • DM103/105 - The Applied Research Project (3 hours)

Non-Seminar Elective Course Options

  • Communication Relevance in Preaching (Don Sunukjian) - DM440
  • Creativity in Preaching (Reg Grant) - DM450
  • Interpretation and Communication of Narrative Literature (Timothy Warren) - DM210
  • Long-Term Sermon Planning to Facilitate Life Change (Grant Kaul, Robert Jeffress) - DM460
  • Preaching Topical Expository Sermons (Timothy Warren) - DM455
  • Homiletics Practicum (Roger Raymer, Timothy Warren) - DM410