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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Executive/Associate Pastors Cohort

DTS is pleased to offer a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree in Ministry Leadership with an emphasis for Executive and Associate Pastors.

This program is formatted as a modified cohort in which the same group of students will go through a select portion of the program together. This program will use procedure similar to the Harvard Business School case study approach.

Each student will be encouraged to be part of a group of 3-5 individuals that will form a "Band of Brothers" type of fellowship and encouragement group. Between Cohort I and II, the members of the group will be required to attend L.E.A.D. (3 credit hours) together with their spouses. L.E.A.D (DM510) is a sponsored by The Howard Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership.

This method of study will be an excellent opportunity for students to interact and learn from others in their same areas of ministry. Case studies will be developed in evaluation of church problems, programs and/or procedures unique to executive and associate church leaders. Attention is given to leadership development and case-study research method. Each case will be developed around a ministry setting that will enhance the student’s ministry. All case studies will be read by the instructors and fellow students. Some student case studies may be presented in class.

The cohorts will involve onsite field trips to large area churches. Seasoned professionals will also be invited to class to discuss case studies in their designated areas of ministry. The objective is to provide students with practical ideas that can be immediately useful to their ministry.

Each student will be required to write a Dissertation. Students normally will use the two case studies prepared for class for their dissertation project.

Applicants must possess an accredited MDiv of ThM degree or equivalent, with two years of Greek and one year of Hebrew. Prospective students with three semesters of Greek may apply. Prospective students with an accredited Master of Christian Education degree, without Greek and Hebrew, will be required to take a 3-hour modular computer biblical language tools course.

Degree Breakdown

Required Cohort Classes (18 hours)

First Summer (6 hours)

  • Case Study 1

Second Summer (6 hours)

  • Case Study 2

Third Summer (6 hours)

  • Case Study 3

Additional Required Courses (12 hours)

  • DM101/DM510 - The Ministry Leader/L.E.A.D. Seminar (3 hours)
  • DM102 - The Applied Research Project Development Seminar (3 hours)
  • DM103/105 - The Applied Research Project/Continuation (3 hours; 1 hours)
  • DM901/905 - Elective Independent Study (3 hours)

Bill Egner

Bill, a former rocket scientist (it's true!), attended Dallas Theological Seminary, graduated with a Master of Theology degree, and came to Christ Chapel in the fall of 1998. He describes his job as Executive Pastor at Christ Chapel in Ft. Worth, Texas as similar to being a CEO of a large corporation -- he directs long-range vision planning, personally shepherds the pastoral staff and cabinet, gives guidance to countless committees and ministries, keeps the inner workings of the church streamlined and efficient, and occasionally preaches. Bill has a passion for God’s Word and wants others to know the same excitement