Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Spiritual Formation Cohort

DTS is pleased to offer a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation. The program is designed for ministry practitioners who long to lead and nurture the spiritual lives of others in ways that are deeply grounded in Scripture and informed by the rich resources of the Christian tradition.

This cohort-based emphasis provides advanced training in Christian spiritual formation with special attention given to the theology and history of Christian spirituality, the personal and corporate disciplines of the Christian life, and the history and practice of soul care, spiritual direction and spiritual formation in small groups.

The Spiritual Formation cohort is designed to bring together three important elements: a robust academic engagement with the subject matter, practical training for a ministry of spiritual nurture and guidance, and immersion in a personal experience of spiritual revitalization and growth.

The students who comprise the Spiritual Formation cohort will complete 18 hours of their respective programs together in a community of learning that will gather for three six-hour seminars over three consecutive summer or winter sessions. Each seminar will begin in an off-campus retreat setting and will be completed on the Dallas campus.

Each student will be required to write a DMin dissertation on a topic related to spiritual formation and of practical importance for the student’s own ministry.

Applicants must possess an accredited MDiv or ThM degree or equivalent (for more information on leveling courses, please contact the DMin office). Prospective students with an accredited Masters of Arts degree without Greek and Hebrew will be required to take a 3-hour modular biblical language computer tools course.

Degree Breakdown

Required Cohort Seminars (18 hours)

Seminar 1

An introduction to Christian spiritual formation. This seminar will focus on the biblical and theological foundations of spiritual formation and the history of the church's engagement in spiritual formation in the patristic, medieval, reformation, and modern eras. The history of Christian spiritual formation will be studied with special attention given to the contemporary appropriation of key insights and practices from the church's past.

Seminar 2

An introduction to the personal and corporate practices of spiritual formation. This seminar will focus on the classical spiritual disciplines including prayer, fasting, biblical meditation, and acts of service as well as the history and practice of corporate worship. This seminar is designed to help students understand, engage in and lead others in the practice of the spiritual disciplines that are commended in Scripture and developed through the history of the church.

Seminar 3

An examination of the process of providing nurture and guidance to others. This seminar will focus on the history and practice of soul care and spiritual direction as well as the contemporary practice of spiritual formation in small groups. This final seminar is designed to enhance the student’s ability to engage in the relational dimensions of spiritual leadership, such as discipleship, mentoring, pastoral care, missional living, and community formation.

Additional Required Courses (12 hours)

  • DM103 The Applied Research Project
  • 3 D.Min. Electives (One must be ID201 Computer Tools for Biblical Exegesis if the language requirement has not been fulfilled at the master’s level.)


  • Barry Jones – Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership
  • Gail Seidel – Mentor/Advisor for Women’s Spiritual Formation; Adjunct Faculty for Doctor of Ministry