Ben Simpson

Dr. Simpson joined the faculty in 2006 as the registrar. In 2011, he moved to Houston to work with the Houston campus. In 2016, he and his family moved to Washington DC where he continues helping external students complete their degrees while positively influencing their ministries. His research interests include Jesus, the Gospels, and hermeneutics. He is married to Amber and they have two children: Madison and Eli.

Educational Background

  • BA, Bryan College, 1998
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2003
  • PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2011

Courses Taught

  • NT5101 - Elements of Greek
  • NT5102 - Elements of Greek
  • NT5103 - Intermediate Greek
  • NT5104 - Introduction to New Testament Exegesis
  • NT5105 - Exegesis of Romans
  • NT8101 - History of New Testament Interpretation and Criticism
  • NT5110 - New Testament Introduction
  • NT8235 - Seminar on Apocalyptic Genre
  • NT8102 - NT Theology
  • NT5405 - New Testament Study and the Life of Christ
  • NT5305 - Exegesis of Gospel Narrative