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Erik Salwen

In addition to his teaching responsibilities at DTS, Dr. Salwen is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and the founder of College Station Christian Counseling, PLLC, ministering to the Bryan/College Station area. He has exercised executive leadership in the discipline of counseling across business, educational and church contexts. Active in the Greater Houston area since 1996, Dr. Salwen has consistently sought out opportunities to serve the local community, and currently serves on the board of regents of Texas Southern University. His ongoing research interest is in the area of church leadership and mental health.

Educational Background

  • BA, University of Texas at Austin, 1993
  • MBA, Columbia University, 2002
  • MABC/MABS, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2011
  • PhD, Regent University, 2016

Courses Taught

  • BC5101 - Pastoral Counseling
  • BC5210 - Counseling Theory
  • BC5220 - Counseling Methods & Techniques
  • BC5235 - Social & Cultural Foundations
  • BC5240 - Research Methods & Statistics
  • BC5245 - Appraisal & Assessment Techniques
  • BC5250 - Professional Orientation and Ethics
  • BC5270 - Family Systems
  • BC5280 - Group Counseling
  • BC5305 - Counseling and Ethics Practicum I
  • BC5310 - Counseling Practicum II
  • BC5315 - Counseling Practicum III
  • BC5325 - Counseling Practicum Elective