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Gordon Johnston

Dr. Johnston possesses a generalist's breadth and a specialist's depth. He is known for thorough research and meticulous detail, as well as ability to pull together all the pieces so students can see the whole of Scripture in all its color and beauty. Dr Johnston has degrees in Classical Greek (BA), Biblical Greek and Hebrew (ThM), as well as Hebrew and Semitic languages (ThD). During his 2010-11 sabbatical, he was visiting research professor at the University of Chicago, where he studied Hittite. He has participated in archaeological excavations in Israel and has taught overseas in India. His research, writing and teaching interests include the wisdom literature (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs), selected topics in Old Testament biblical theology (Biblical Covenants, Law of God), and special issues in hermeneutics (Messianic Prophecy, Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament). Dr. Johnston has published many scholarly articles and essays; regularly presents papers at national meetings of academic societies; and has published a book on the Messiah in the Old Testament. Gordon and his wife Danielle have been married more than thirty years; they have three children.

Educational Background

  • BA, University of Nebraska, 1981
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1985
  • ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1992

Courses Taught

  • OT5101 - Elements of Hebrew I
  • OT5102 - Elements of Hebrew II
  • OT5103 - Hebrew Exegesis and Old Testament Introduction I
  • OT5104 - Hebrew Exegesis and Old Testament Introduction II
  • OT5206 - Seminar in Old Testament Criticism I
  • OT5207 - Seminary in Old Testament Criticism II
  • OT5210 - The Old Testament in Contemporary Culture
  • OT5420 - Exegesis of Ecclesiastes
  • OT5425 - Exegesis of Proverbs
  • OT5445 - Exegesis of the Song of Songs
  • OT5720 - Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament
  • OT5725 - Biblical Theology of Covenants
  • OT5730 - Biblical Theology of the Law
  • OT8103 - Advanced Old Testament Biblical Theology
  • OT8104 - Exegesis in the Torah
  • OT8106 - Exegesis in the Writings
  • OT8260 - Seminar on Ancient Near Eastern Literature