Jennifer Brooks

For the past 36 years Dr. Brooks has worked her way through the church serving in every age group, plus CE director and worship team. She has taught preservice teachers preparing for state certification. She and her husband have been on mission trips in Ukraine, Philippines, and the Middle East. Jennifer’s passion is helping people discover what God designed them to do and encouraging them to find ways to achieve it. Jennifer’s favorite academic pursuits are speaking, writing, learning theory, teaching methods, Bible study methods, caring for women in pain, biblical perspective for women in the church, helping men understand and serve the other half of the church, traditional / complementarian / egalitarian discussions. She has been married to David since 1984. They have four intelligent, talented and funny children. Her favorite activity is eating home-made pizza and watching a movie with her family on Friday nights.


Educational Background

  • BA, Tennessee Temple University 1987
  • MSED, Texas A&M Commerce, 2007
  • MAMC/MACE, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2014
  • DEdMin, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2018