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John Bautista

Hello from Dallas, Texas! Team Admissions welcomes you and we are excited that you are considering Dallas Theological Seminary as your place of equipping for a lifetime of ministry. I am a current ThM student here at DTS and I understand many of the questions you may have rolling through your head. My job here in Team Admissions is to help you navigate selecting the right program, answering any questions, and making the application process as smooth as possible. It would be my pleasure to help and serve you the best way I can. We all make investments of time, energy, and resources. I would like to invest my time in helping you figure out if a seminary education here at Dallas Seminary is for you!

Over the past few years of being a student, I have realized how much time, effort, patience, and grace the professors give to their students. I have deeply appreciated the accessibility of gracious world-class faculty at my “finger tips.” In my first year of being on campus, I wrestled with a theological doctrine so much I had many sleepless nights. One evening after my Greek class ended my concerned professor asked me to walk with him to discuss it. A few weeks and many encouraging conversations later, I realized my professor was a world-renowned NT Greek scholar! I have been met with the patience and grace of God through my professors and will never be the same because of it. Growing up, I would have never imaged myself preparing for a lifetime of ministry. After I became a Christian in college, I realized I loved helping people know God more through His Word. Since I had a passion for people and for the Bible, I was encouraged by my mentors to gain an education at Dallas Seminary. I was nervous, scared, and worried about if I was ready for the challenge DTS would bring. Am I enough? Could I afford this? How can I complete this large of a degree? As I remember the past, I can hear my present professor’s encouraging words: “If you love Him, risk for Him that you may experience more of what He has for you.” I’ve moved across Texas, entered into unknown circumstances, and seen God provide for me along the way. There has been nothing better than to risk for someone who loves me.

Educational Background

  • BA, Angelo State University, 2010
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, Current Student