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John Hannah

Dr. Hannah has enjoyed a distinguished career for more than forty years at DTS. He is a frequent and popular church and conference speaker both at home and abroad. His teaching interests include the general history of the Christian church, with particular interest in the works of Jonathan Edwards and John Owen. He recently published a history of DTS and is currently writing a general history of the Christian church. He remains active in church ministries and serves on the boards of several organizations.

Educational Background

  • BS, Philadelphia College of Bible, 1967
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1971
  • ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1974
  • MA, Southern Methodist University, 1980
  • PhD, University of Texas at Dallas, 1988
  • postdoctoral fellowship, Yale University, 1994

Courses Taught

  • HT5101 - The Church to the Modern Era
  • HT5102 - Church in the Modern Era: Europe and America
  • HT5200 - History of Doctrine
  • HT5230 - Readings in John Calvin
  • HT5240 - Readings in John Owen
  • HT5250 - History of Gospel Preaching in America
  • HT5255 - History of the Charismatic Movements in America
  • HT5260 - Seminar on Jonathan Edwards
  • DM7103 - Applied Research Project