Facilities & Plant Operations offers event services management to assist facility users with planning successful events and to ensure that the events held on campus will support the mission of Dallas Theological Seminary. Event Services oversees all room reservations and events held on campus beyond the normal class schedule. Events in need of scheduled room space include brown bags, luncheons, meetings, and student events. In addition, Event Services handles all catering on campus whether the catering is provided by Event Services through Mitchell Dining or is coordinated with off-campus vendors.

Requesting a Reservation

DTS Group

DTS groups (faculty, staff and approved student organizations) may request use of available space free of charge by completing an Event Services Request Form. For instructions on filling out the ESR form and obtaining necessary signatures, please consult the ESR Procedures for DTS Groups.

Non-DTS Group

Non-DTS groups may request use of available space by completing an Event Service Request Form and following the instructions in ESR Procedures for Non-DTS Groups. If approval is given for the event requested, DTS will charge the requester fees for facilities usage, energy, and labor. Fees are itemized in ESR Procedures for Non-DTS Groups. Non-DTS groups are defined as “organizations or groups which exist financially independent of Dallas Theological Seminary” or as defined by the DTS Executive Committee. Participation of DTS students, alumni, faculty, or staff within a non-DTS group does not qualify that organization as a DTS group.

Reservable Room Directory

Search the reservable room directory database for assistance with selecting a facility for your event. (Note: Requires staff or faculty login.)

Catering Services

Event Services exists to help students, faculty, and staff make all necessary arrangements for catering needs. Menus and pricing are available upon request from Event Services. Only certain restaurants and caterers have been approved to provide services on the DTS campus. Please contact Event Services for the current list of approved sources.