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Charles Barwon (Liberia)

Hello! I am Charles Z. Barwon, a second-year ThM student. I am married with two daughters who are still in Liberia, a small West African country about the size of Ohio. It has about 3 million people and is ranked among the world’s poorest countries in the world. Our average pastor’s salary is $20.00 USD per year.

I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a during a Liberian Youth for Christ rally in 1980. I immediately began preaching God’s Word to people on the street and then began serving as a youth leadership until the civil war began. During the 14 year war, I providentially began to pastoring with the Open Bible Standard Churches of Liberia and then served as the District Field Director of the Monrovian District overseeing seven churches. Eventually, I was asked to become the National Field Director, supervising 32 churches.

Because of the extended war, many young leaders have been thrust into pastoral ministry without adequate training. For the few leaders who were trained biblically, many of them were exiled or died because of the war. During these years, many false teachings have crept into our churches, and I want to combat these errors which are presently being taught from Liberian pulpits. Dallas Seminary has and will continue to equip me with biblical roots and sound doctrine so that I can return and equip more leaders with biblical Truth.

While I believe in my mission, I miss my wife and kids terribly. Please pray for them because we have never been separated this long. Even still, I am so grateful that you have helped me to come. Even with the full support of my rural denomination, there is just no way that they could collectively raise my tuition or travel expenses. I count myself very blessed that you pray for us and make a way for us. Lord willing, I will give back to the nation of Liberia, as you have invested in me.

By grace through faith alone,

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