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Did Jesus Fake His Miracles?

Mikel Del Rosario on February 25, 2014

When it comes to reported miracles, some skeptics are quick to say, “Miracles just don’t happen.” But it’s interesting to see how even ancient Jewish sources never claimed that Jesus falsified any of his miracles.

At the Table Conference, The Case for Christ Author Lee Strobel noted that if a source says something good about their enemy, it increases the probability that their claim is true.  In this video clip, Dr. Darrell Bock explains how even Jesus’ enemies admit that His miracles were not  smoke and mirrors. He cites three ancient reports about Jesus’ miracles in Jewish sources:

“(The historian) Josephus said he was ‘a worker of unusual deeds.’ He’s a Jewish writer. The Jewish Talmud---the official rabbinic tradition of Judaism---in two places accuses Jesus of either being a sorcerer or a magician…That’s important because what the opponents are not saying is that nothing happened.  What they are debating is where the power came from for what it is that was being done.”

This clip was taken from The Table Conference. Order the complete event here.