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Dallas Theological Seminary's award-winning online education videos are now available for download in Apple's iTunes U.

  • Portions of over 35 courses are available with 100s of hours of video
  • Over 600 chapel messages in MP3 and MP4 formats
  • Audio devotional for all 366 days of the year (yes, even Leap Day)
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  • Trinitarianism

    The Trinity in Scripture and Christian history, and the ramifications of Trinitarian belief today

  • Bible Study Methods

    Observation, interpretation, application, and correlation

  • Expository Preaching

    Basic theory and skills, emphasizing the preparation and delivery of a textually derived proposition

  • Old Testament History I

    Old Testament history books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Judges

  • Intro to Theology

    Christianity from the second century to the rise of the Enlightenment

  • Spiritual Life

    The biblical principles that govern true Christian character and service

  • Old Testament History II and Poetry

    1 Samuel to Esther, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, & Song of Solomon

  • Theology of Suffering, Disability & the Church

    Biblical meanings and purposes of suffering

  • Elements of Greek I

    Basic principles of biblical Greek, for those who have not taken Greek or who need extensive review

  • Biblical Counseling

    The foundations of Christian counseling, emphasizing a theological system for theory and practice

  • Elements of Greek II

    Second level of basic principles of biblical Greek

  • Life of Christ

    Detailed study of Jesus' presentation, authentication, opposition, and rejection

  • History and Philosophy of Christian Education

    Religious education from Old Testament times to the present, and theories of Christian education

  • Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, & Selected Letters

    Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, Romans, Ephesians, and Philippians

  • Intro to World Missions

    The biblical meaning and purpose of missions, and missions accomplishments, trends, needs, and possibilities

  • Humanity and Sin

    Angelology, Satan, anthropology and the Fall of humanity — original and personal sin

  • Evangelism

    The methods of personal and group evangelism, equipping laypersons to evangelize, care of new converts, and more

  • Gospels

    Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, with emphasis on the books' biblical theology, genre, and application

  • Eschatology

    Various systems, history of chiliasm, the order of predicted events, & the rapture question

  • Sanctification and Ecclesiology

    The doctrine of the spiritual life and the doctrines of the body of Christ and the local church

  • Hebrews, General Letters & Revelation

    Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, 1—3 John, Jude, and Revelation

  • Soteriology

    The grace of God in salvation, including election, Atonement, justification, regeneration, eternal security

  • Leadership Dynamics

    The qualities and practices of the effective Christian leader based on principles in Scripture and related literature

  • Old Testament Prophets

    Preexilic, exilic, and postexilic prophets (Isaiah - Malachi), excluding Jonah but including Lamentations

  • History of Doctrine

    Historical development of selected doctrines, from the church fathers to the present day

  • New Testament Intro

    Historical background and canon of the New Testament and text criticism

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