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Swiss Tower SunShine Room Keeper

Department: Housing and Relocation Services

Salary: $10 per hour


The Swiss Tower SunShine Room Keeper will be in charge of the cleaning of toys, surfaces, and play equipment on a weekly basis, as well as the removal of broken or unwashable toys from the room.


The successful candidate will have good agility and hand-eye coordination, be a self-started, organized, and take ownership of areas of responsibility. All needed equipment, chemicals, and towels are supplied by DTS.

A minimum two-year commitment is requested. Employment is contingent on the results of a background check at the point of hire. Please direct any questions or inquiries to Human Resources.


  • Clean all toys, shelves, surfaces, and larger play equipment once each week
  • Remove broken toys to the trash
  • Remove any “donated” toys that are not conducive to washing or sanitation

Employment Application