The Lost Art of Lingering

Rowland Forman Dec 30, 2013

Excerpted from The Lost Art of Lingering: Mutual Mentoring for Life Transformation , by Rowland Forman (MA/CE, 1991; MA[BS], 1991). More than Just a Good Idea Investing spiritually and intentionally in another person (or group) isn’t just another good idea; it is at...

Seta Saleh: Ministry to Iranian Women

Annette Ensz Dec 30, 2013

“Sixty to seventy percent of Iranian churches are populated by women,” according to DTS alumna Seta Saleh. Born in Beirut to Armenian parents, Seta now lives in Los Angeles, but she frequently travels to the Middle East to help equip Iranian pastors to minister to women. “The...

Who Was That Young Man?

Abraham Kuruvilla Dec 30, 2013

“A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind” (Mark 14:51–52). We find this story in Mark’s Gospel right after the account of Jesus’s arrest, and it’s one...

Getting a Handle on God’s Love

Mark L. Bailey Dec 30, 2013

The Lord is good to all;
he has compassion on all he has made” (Ps. 145:9). Thirty-six years ago, these words became a handle for me to grip—a truth to which I still cling. It has sustained me through decades of trials. Star Wars with Dolby Stereo had just hit the cinemas; Steve Jobs...

Cutting through the Jungle with a Butter Knife

Staff Dec 30, 2013

Meet Aubrey Collins Home I’m from Mobile, Alabama. Planning to graduate I plan to graduate this May with a ThM in Pastoral Ministries. Work experience I spent seven years in the Navy (Oak Harbor, Washington; Newport, Rhode Island;...

A Picture of God's Knowledge and Care

Charles R. Swindoll Dec 30, 2013

If you’ve ever been a part of a large organization, such as a multibillion-dollar corporation or a governmental agency or a large university, it’s unlikely you’ve ever met the people at the top of the leadership chain. You heard their names and read their announcements, but you...

DTS Grad Michelle Woody Returns to Campus as a Prof

Staff Dec 20, 2013

Michelle Woody, assistant professor of Biblical Counseling, earned her master's at DTS in 2010 and now has the opportunity to offer guidance, encouragement, and practical skills to her students.

The Table Podcast Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary

Staff Dec 16, 2013

December 2013 marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Hendricks Center’s Table Podcast, a weekly discussion of issues at the intersection of God and culture.

DTS Grads Craft Gospel-centered Studies for Local Churches

Staff Nov 15, 2013

Sacra Script Ministries, a non-profit publishing house founded by four DTS graduates, writes in-depth, theological Bible studies for local churches. Sacra Script's mission is "to teach and train lay people in the truths of Scripture centering on the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Money: A Threat to True Rest

Richard J. Dunham Nov 15, 2013

When we think of rest, the first thing that comes to mind is physical rest. That’s probably because we live in a tired society, run ragged by the demands of the relentless onslaught of life. But there is a rest that is actually more important than physical rest, and that is rest for our...

Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless on the DTS Campus

Staff Nov 1, 2013

DTS opens its facilities to host a Thanksgiving meal for homeless men and women in Dallas, put on by OurCalling ministries.

So, Get Some Rest

Lesa Engelthaler Oct 30, 2013

I envy people who can fall asleep anywhere. I glare at unworried souls stretched out across airport seats, snoozing away. Don’t they have a plane to catch? Not me. I am the Princess and the Pea. I have a bedtime ritual—fan cranked up loud (White Noise app: genius travel...

DTS Passes YouTube Milestone with 1,000+ Videos

Staff Oct 28, 2013

DTS passed a YouTube milestone this fall with the release of its 1000th video, a number that reflects the Seminary's ongoing commitment to provide resources and theological content to the public. With nearly 2,500 subscribers, DTS's YouTube channel has logged more than half a...

DTS Breaks Ground on New Administration and Global Learning Center

Staff Oct 18, 2013

Dallas Theological Seminary celebrated God's gracious provision today in a groundbreaking ceremony that launches a major construction project that will see the construction of the Administrative and Global Learning Center and the interior renovations of both Stearns and Davidson Halls. In...

The Importance of Doing Nothing

Sandra Glahn Oct 15, 2013

DTS graduates from across the globe shared their suggestions for incorporating rest into life’s daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms.

DTS Mission and Expanded Statement of Purpose

Staff Oct 11, 2013

Dallas Theological Seminary publishes its mission and expanded statement of purpose every year in the annual DTS catalog and on the DTS website. Mission Statement The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary as a professional, graduate-level school is to glorify God by equipping godly...

The Yoke of Jesus

J. Dwight Pentecost Oct 1, 2013

In the New Testament, every one of the Ten Commandments is repeated, with one exception: “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” The Sabbath was a mere shadow of the rest promised to believers in Jesus. Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost contrasts the burdens of the Law’s religious system with the weightless soul rest of Christ.

2,149: Record Enrollment for Fall 2013

Staff Sep 23, 2013

Dallas Theological Seminary is excited to announce that enrollment for fall 2013 has reached a new high of 2,149 overall students. This includes 498 new students, a 22% increase in the number of new students from fall 2012. We are grateful to God for his grace and for several trends...

New Kindred Spirit Issue on "Physical and Spiritual Rest"

Staff Sep 18, 2013

Now available in print and online, the Fall issue of Kindred Spirit focuses on the timely subject of spiritual and physical rest. As the school year gets underway and calendars fill up, this issue of the DTS magazine encourages believers to take time for relaxation and reflection. The...

Help for Battling Burnout

Mark L. Bailey Sep 15, 2013

Care to guess which chapel-message video posted on the DTS website always generates the most traffic? It’s not about conflict in the Middle East. It’s not one of our counseling professors talking about sex and marriage. And it’s not one of our theology professors discussing...

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