The Bright Light of Glory

Louie Giglio Jan 27

Have you ever been in one of those conversations where something was said, and suddenly you knew God was in the equation? That’s what happened when I ended up across the table from an amazing rising sophomore at Baylor, a Jesus-loving Tri Delta (a sorority) named Kay Dossey. Kay had recently...

A Pivotal Moment in History

Mark L. Bailey Jan 20

I recently spoke at a weekend retreat in east Texas to a group of young adults from a local church near Dallas. At the end of our time together, we had a Q&A session that lasted for about three hours. In the hearts of these young people burned the question, “What does our future...

Counseling Degree Adapts to Meet New Cultural Needs and State Requirements

Staff Jan 16

The state of Texas recently revised its standards for counseling licensure, and this has given DTS’s Biblical Counseling Department an opportunity to modify the curriculum in a way that both complies with the new state requirements and prepares students to meet changing cultural needs...

Blazed Out of Darkness

Michael Justice Jan 9

E ver wonder why a physically blind person longs to see light while a spiritually blind person does not? The man born blind in John 9 saw darkness: no colors, no shapes, no depth perception, no visual perspective whatsoever. He “saw” by his other senses, such as hearing, touch, smell,...

Shaped By the Future: Reclaiming the Hope of Eschatology

Glenn R. Kreider Jan 9

Eschatology. Often simply defined as “the study of last things,” the mere mention of the word conjures up a variety of responses. Some think of weeklong prophecy conferences, led by biblical scholars who have spent a lifetime developing charts, maps, and graphs of end time scenarios....

Combatting Heresy with Mobile Apps

Matt Snyder Jan 9

False pastors and false prophets have infiltrated numerous churches in South Korea, spreading their dangerous poisons of heresy. M asquerading as saints, these tricksters slither into the pews Sunday after Sunday, slowly gaining the trust of the people. Then, after months—or even...

Truth Poured Through Personality: Dr. Haddon W. Robinson

Steve Smith Jan 9

Considered among the top English-speaking preachers of the twentieth century Haddon W. Robinson (ThM, 1955) would be the first to brush away accolades. “There are no great preachers,” he said, “only a great Christ.” Robinson has proven influential in ways that have...

How I Study: Kevin Perry

Raquel P. Wroten Jan 9

You probably think many DTS students come to study God’s Word to go into ministry. But what about those who God has already placed in leadership and who are looking to expand their knowledge so they can effectively do what God has called them to do? For some of the students who study at...

DTS Student Named 2016-2017 William N. Garrison Faith-and-Work Fellow by The Hendricks Center

Staff Nov 3, 2016

Kevin Gottlieb, a student at Dallas Theological Seminary in the master of theology program, is the distinguished recipient of the 2016-2017 William N. Garrison Faith-and-Work Fellowship. Selected by Mr. Bill Hendricks, executive director for Christian Leadership, and Dr. Darrell Bock, executive...

Reclaiming Dignity in Public Discourse

Darrell L. Bock, Mark L. Bailey Oct 11, 2016

In our contentious world, human dignity is often disregarded and lost. Yet from Genesis 1 throughout the Scripture, God says people are made in his image and have significance. Thus, they and their lives are worthy of respect. Whether it’s a forming child, a person at the end of life, or...

Fall 2016 Brings Record Enrollment, New and Updated Campuses

Staff Sep 14, 2016

By God's grace, DTS's enrollment hit a record 2,403 students for fall 2016, a 10% increase from the 2015.

Follow Christ's Lead

Mark L. Bailey Sep 12, 2016

My grandfather raised sheep on a small 210-acre ranch in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. When I was a child, my family and I lived across the mountains from him and would often make the five-hour drive, climbing and descending through three mountain passes just to get to his place. Then...

Four Ways to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

D. Scott Barfoot Sep 9, 2016

In the early nineties, I was shepherding a small Baptist church in rural New Brunswick, Canada. As a single man in those days, I lived with various families in the community. One family, who owned a meat production business, graciously allowed me to stay with them for a couple of months. I helped...

3 Essential Instructions You Need to Overcome the Uncertainty and the Unknowns of Leadership

Amanda DeWitt Sep 9, 2016

I still remember the first time I slipped out of my chair and stood at the head of a boardroom table. The women before me were leaders, mentors, and trailblazers in my profession. “They don’t teach you how to do this in seminary,” I thought to myself. I swallowed hard, hobbled...

Raised by Gay Parents: Would Anyone Follow a Leader Like Me?

Caleb Kaltenbach Sep 9, 2016

Late one night, as my heart thumped and my attention stayed focused on the speaker, I made a crucial, life-changing decision. At my first youth conference, as a newly saved teen, I stood up to take my first steps into ministry. The speaker had given an invitation to come forward to those wanting...

Jim Rayburn: DTS, Young Life, and His Legacy

Steve Elkins Sep 9, 2016

Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Dallas Theological Seminary’s founder and first president, dreamed of the day “the seminary would send all its grads to the mission field.” Certainly concerned with producing preachers as well—after all, DTS’s motto at that time was,...

2016 Alumni Distinguished Service Award | James R. Congdon

Raquel P. Wroten Sep 9, 2016

When Jim Congdon arrived in Topeka, Kansas, in 1976, he was fresh out of Dallas Theological Seminary. At that time, Topeka Bible Church (TBC) had about 300 people attending its services. In those days, the congregation was considered large, especially for a church with no denominational ties....

Being There: How to Love Those Who Are Hurting

David Furman Aug 31, 2016

Book excerpt from "Being There: How to Love Those Who Are Hurting" (Crossway) by Dave Furman (ThM, 2007).

New Faculty and Assignments for Fall 2016

Staff Aug 26, 2016

“Good morning! Welcome to the 2016 Faculty Workshop.” With those words, Dr. Mark Yarbrough, vice president of academic affairs, opened the 56th annual faculty workshop in the ninety-two-year history of Dallas Theological Seminary held at Pine Cove in Tyler, Texas. Close to...

Five Funniest Memories I Have of Dr. Charles Ryrie

Steve Shadrach Jul 30, 2016

My friend and mentor Dr. Charles Ryrie passed away this past February at the age of 90. His mind was still sharp, and I received a note from him just a few months prior, and he seemed fine. He enclosed a generous check to our ministry and asked me to call him. It was on my "to do” list...

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