Extreme Makeover: The Exterior

Julie Cramer Jul 7, 2005

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by messages telling you to be thinner, richer, younger? What happened in the Garden of Eden holds the key to unlocking a healthy view of self—and a deeper appreciation for the Creator.


Michael Justice Jul 7, 2005

Blinded by diabetes, one man discovers how two words in Scripture bring into focus an element of Christ’s character that soothes the pain.

An Eighty-Year Legacy

Jeffrey Jon Richards Jul 7, 2004

Lewis Sperry Chafer’s life spanned eight decades, and during his career, he contributed enormously to the area of eschatology by virtue of writing and publishing a dispensational, premillennial eschatology.

Seven Insider Tips for Pioneer Parents

Mary DeMuth Jul 7, 2006

Mary DeMuth, author of Building the Christian Home You Never Had, provides seven tips for pioneer parents.

Extreme Makeover: The Interior

Lee Anderson Jul 7, 2005

A pastor whose health forced his retirement felt God had taken a wrecking ball to his life, but he discovered God does beautiful interior makeovers.

The Word of God: Why I Trust the Bible

J. Vernon McGee Jul 7, 2001

The earliest memories from my childhood remind me that I recognized the Bible as a very special book. In Sunday school, as well as in our home, the Bible had a place given to no other book. While I cannot recall my father ever reading a newspaper at the dinner table, it was our family custom...

On a Sunny Morning

William Hendricks Jul 7, 2005

In October 2003, I marked the third anniversary of Nancy’s death. The next morning, a Wednesday, was another spectacularly gorgeous day, more like spring than fall (we don’t really do fall in Dallas; we just open up the windows and let the air conditioning cool things down). Anyway, it...

Why Can’t I Change?

Steve Spencer Jul 7, 1998

“Why can’t I change?” This plaintive question occurs to many Christians, despairing over remnants of sinfulness in their lives. Long after conversion, when they thought they would be free from this, sinful inclinations persist. Such questions don’t come from arrogant...

Trust the Text

Karen G. Giesen Jul 7, 2006

Dan Wallace (ThM, 1979; PhD, 1995), Dallas Seminary professor and founder of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, has staked his life on the reliability of the Bible. Find out why.

Old Brown Street Dog

Glenn Lucas Jul 7, 1998

I saw an old brown dog on my run today. He started across the road in front of me after the manner of street dogs, fearful I might do him harm. His gait was such that for a moment I thought I would have to swing wide to avoid hitting him, which I was quite prepared to do for fear of being...

The King's Family

Naima Lett Jul 7, 2005

View a two-minute clip of this inspiring 60-minute drama that unfolds as the five women recorded in the royal genealogy of Jesus (Matt. 1) emerge from the Bible to tell their stories: narratives of intrigue, grace, and redemption. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary reveal how they are grafted into the Messianic family tree in spite of their pasts and origins. Their trials and triumphs produce hope that anyone can be accepted into the King’s family by God’s grace through faith.

A Call to Action

Staff Jul 7, 2000

The hero of Luke 10:30–37 might be surprised to know that we now call him the “good” Samaritan. In his world “good” was usually credited to folks like the priests and Levites who had power. All he did was pause along his way and do the right thing, thereby setting an...

From My Heart to Yours

Erwin W. Lutzer Jul 7, 2004

When I saw the jubilation of the same-sex couples who were
“married,” I knew that we as a church had to respond.

Indomitable Spirit: A Matter of Discipline

Kathy Rhine Jul 7, 2006

Do Christianity and the martial arts go together? Find out from one of Dallas Seminary’s own—tenth-degree black belt and martial arts instructor Keith D. Yates (M.A.[BS], 1983).

The Lost Virtue of Happiness

James P. Moreland, Klaus D. Issler Jul 7, 2006

Read an excerpt from The Lost Virtue of Happiness by Dr. J. P. Moreland (ThM, 1979) and Dr. Klauss Issler (ThM, 1977).

Running with Sun Shadows

Mary DeMuth Jul 7, 2005

Learn how God takes the light of His love and adds length to our tiny shadows in an excerpt from Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.

Petition: "Bring Our Community Together"

Danny Houze Jul 7, 2002

A few years ago as Valerie Simonds was walking through her Dallas neighborhood, which is full of diverse, young professionals, she asked the Lord to somehow bring that community together in the fellowship of Christ.

Drawing Strength from the Right Sources

Chris Goppert Jul 7, 2004

Is the Lord really good to those who love Him? Prophets such as Jeremiah wondered as much. Such cries throughout Scripture teach us how to endure when circumstances spiral out of control.

If I Had More Faith Would God Answer My Prayers?

Thomas L. Constable Jul 7, 1997

“If you just had more faith, you would see more miracles happen in your life.” The idea behind this challenging statement has become prevalent in the Christian community and shows no sign of going away. Is it biblical, or is it the result of misinformation? Certainly faith in God...

Seven Everyday Ways to Worship the Lord

Millicent Martin Poole, Joycelyn Seybold Jul 7, 2005

Do you want to make worship a bigger part of your daily experience? It's easier than you might think.

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