Report from Greece: Ancient Manuscripts Meet Modern Technology

Staff Aug 7, 2015

Dr. Daniel Wallace has spent the summer in Athens, Greece, leading a team of researchers digitizing ancient New Testament manuscripts. His team reports on their findings and the country's political instability.

Update to DTS Community Covenant

Staff Jul 1, 2015

Effective July 1, 2015, Dallas Theological Seminary has revised and clarified the following standards for community and conduct in a new Community Covenant . “The updated community standards reflect DTS’s commitment to biblical truths about the Christian life as well as its affirmation of the...

A Response from Dallas Theological Seminary to Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Mark L. Bailey Jun 26, 2015

With the verdict of the Supreme Court today that legalizes same-sex marriage in the United States, we at Dallas Theological Seminary are grieved by this decision that seeks to legally yet wrongfully expand what God established from the beginning to be the divinely designed institution of marriage....

Dr. Mark Bailey’s Letter to the Church in Charleston

Mark L. Bailey Jun 24, 2015

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church 110 Calhoun Street Charleston, SC 29401 Dear Leadership and Membership of the Emanuel AME Church of Charleston, It has been seven days and nights of grief since the tragic and utterly sinful murders of your staff and church members. While...

International Pastors and Scholars Gather at Dallas Campus

Staff Jun 23, 2015

DTS becomes even more international each summer thanks to an influx of visiting students from around the world. Three programs—the Global Proclamation Academy, SuperWeek, and the Ministry Residency Program—are currently underway on the Dallas campus, connecting servant-leaders across diverse cultural and ministry backgrounds.

The Covenant of Singleness: The Bible and Church History

J. Scott Horrell Jun 12, 2015

The Hebrew understanding of man and woman forcefully urged marriage and offspring as essential to Israel’s future heritage and inheritance. But the New Testament seems to turn from a Jewish perspective of marriage to valuing celibacy for the kingdom of God.

New 36-hour Master’s Degree for Professionals and Lay Leaders

Staff Jun 11, 2015

Dallas Theological Seminary is proud to announce several new degree offerings as well as adjustments to the naming and offerings of existing degrees. 36-Hour Master of Biblical and Theological Studies (MBTS) The Master of Biblical & Theological Studies (MBTS) is a 36-hour degree...

They Were Single Too: A Sampling of 8 Bible Characters

David M. Hoffeditz Jun 10, 2015

Single adults in the Bible demonstrate that the single life is both a viable option and one that affords people the opportunity to live uniquely for the Lord—undistracted by particular concerns of the world. The following eight individuals were unconcerned with spouses, education, or...

3 Reasons Why Christians Should Visit Israel

Jacob Marshall Jun 8, 2015

DTS students earn class credit by participating in a study tour of Israel. ThM student Jacob Marshall shares how the experience had a profound impact on his faith and understanding of the Word.

5 Things Single People Need from the Church

Shannon Gianotti Jun 8, 2015

1. See us. If you’re a speaker, talk about marriage, but also about the possibility of celibacy and prolonged singleness. Revere all options—like the apostle Paul did. Broaden views of male and female roles beyond breadwinning and childrearing....

A Professor's Singular Focus: Choosing to Be Celibate for Christ

Kelley M. Mathews Jun 4, 2015

While to some, professor Abe Kuruvilla, MD, PhD, might fit the description in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice opening— “a single man in possession of a good fortune”— he most definitely does not fulfill the part about being “in want of a wife.” The homiletics professor, instead, practices what he calls ecclesiological singleness.

God's Heart for Human Trafficking Victims

Kim Jones Jun 1, 2015

Human trafficking is one the biggest human rights issues of our day. More than 20 million people are currently enslaved. However, we all have been invited to be a part of God’s plan—His plan to help rebuild what has been broken.

How the Church Can Encourage Singles

Carly Isaac Graham May 28, 2015

A few ideas about how the church can encourage single people and integrate them into the community of faith.

Book Excerpt: How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor

Mark M. Yarbrough May 22, 2015

Dr. Mark Yarbrough, VP for Academic Affairs at DTS, gives us a practical and entertaining exploration of the world's most famous book.

The Church and Singles: Some Advice from DTS Grads

Staff May 15, 2015

Some DTS grads shared what their churches have done right, as well as some suggestions for improvement in integrating singles.

Book Excerpt: God With Us - "Theological Foundations"

Glenn R. Kreider May 15, 2015

Professor of Theological Studies Dr. Glenn Kreider writes. “The behavior of the incarnate Son is consistent with the behavior of the God who is revealed prior to the incarnation. We see continuity between the two testaments in the character and practice of God.” In this chapter he provides a survey of how God has revealed himself throughout time.

DTS Celebrates 350+ New Graduates

Staff May 12, 2015

DTS celebrated God's faithful work in the lives of more than 350 recent graduates at commencement exercises on May 9, 2015. Dr. Michael Easley delivered the commencement address.

Compelling Love: The Christian and Same-Sex Attraction

C. Gary Barnes May 11, 2015

During a recent sabbatical from DTS, Dr. Gary Barnes (ThM, 1983) and others traveled the country to ask scores of people: “How do you connect with someone who greatly differs, distresses, or even offends you?” The film “Compelling Love & Sexual Identity” is the result.

No-Pendulum Zone

Mark L. Bailey May 8, 2015

Marriage is not superior; nor is singleness. And love beckons us to remember that., Racial Reconciliation, and the Church

Staff May 6, 2015

In the midst of heightened racial tensions around United States and within the church, the website has recently posted two misleading articles 1 , 2 concerning Dallas Theological Seminary and the experience of one of its graduates. Our immediate response to the initial...

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