Winter 2010

Recommended Bible Study Resources

Jack K. Kuhatschek Nov 2, 2010

Commentaries: The one-volumeNew Bible Commentary,4th ed. (InterVarsity) is excellent, as is the two-volumeZondervan NIV Bible Commentary(Zondervan).Bible Dictionaries: I have frequently used theNew Bible Dictionary, 2nd ed. (InterVarsity) but would also recommend The New International Dictionary of...

With a Word

Mark L. Bailey Nov 2, 2010

With a word the triune God spoke the world into being. Then Jesus, the God-Man, theLogos , came and spanned the divine-human divide by His birth. And that same Word will silence His opponents at His return. As we look to the holiday season ahead, we invite you to reflect with us on what it means...

The Veracity of the Word

Dr. Eugene Merrill Nov 2, 2010

Meet DTS Old Testament professor Dr. Eugene Merrill. Read his summary of archaeological finds that affirm the Bible’s historicity; find a list of his publications; and follow a link to his chapel message: God's Mission, Ours As Well.

The Incarnation of the Word

Robert Deffinbaugh Nov 2, 2010

We turn to Matthew's and Luke's Gospels to find the narratives about the first advent. But Philippians 2 provides the theology, offering a glimpse of the humility required for God to take on human flesh.

Student Profile: The Dunlaps

Staff Nov 2, 2010

This husband-wife team are preparing together for educational ministry.

Follow the Faculty

Staff Nov 2, 2010

SOUTHWESTDr. Ronald B. AllenAug 28 Grace Church, Wichita Falls, TexasDr. Mark BaileyApr 10 Grand Prairie Bible Church Missions Conference, Grand Prairie, Texas; May 29–Jun 3 Pine Cove Family Camp, Tyler, TexasProfessor Sandra GlahnMar 4-6 Women’s Retreat, Centerpoint Church, Mesquite,...

Current Issues in Old Testament Scholarship

Staff Nov 2, 2010

The long version of an article by Dr. Eugene Merrill that appeared in the print edition of Kindred Spirit.

Joy in the Journey

Tommy Miller Nov 2, 2010

Joy in Marriage I met my wife, Scottie, on a blind date back in 1963. And it wasn’t always rosy. We struggled for about six years. I grew up in a Christian home—I believed Jesus is God’s Son. But I lacked an understanding of that personal relationship. After we married I realized...

The Careful Handling of the Word

Jack K. Kuhatschek Nov 2, 2010

Alumnus Jack Kuhatschek (ThM, 1977) outlines pitfalls that lead to error, along with suggestions for interpreting the Bible accurately.

The Wonder of God in an Age of Hyperbole

Benji Bruneel Dec 1, 2010

California youth pastor Benji Bruneel (ThM, 2007) reflects on what it means to be truly "amazing."

Majestic Meekness

Charles R. Swindoll Dec 1, 2010

Few experiences reveal our own selfishness more than parenting. I found that to be true as the father of four children. To be perfectly frank, when our kids were little, there was a side of me that liked to have my shoes shined rather than stepped on and scuffed up. I preferred having my clothes...

The Preservation of the Word

Staff Dec 1, 2010

Last summer a team from the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts(CSNTM) led by DTS professor Daniel B. Wallace spent a month in Athens, Meteora, and Kozani (Greece) and Craiova, Iasi, and Bucharest (Romania). During this expedition the group discovered at least thirteen New Testament...