Darrell L. Bock

Reclaiming Dignity in Public Discourse

Darrell L. Bock, Mark L. Bailey Oct 11, 2016

In our contentious world, human dignity is often disregarded and lost. Yet from Genesis 1 throughout the Scripture, God says people are made in his image and have significance. Thus, they and their lives are worthy of respect. Whether it’s a forming child, a person at the end of life, or...

The New Community's Ethic

Darrell L. Bock Dec 1, 2012

In this excerpt from A Theology of Luke and Acts, Dr. Darrell L. Bock describes how believers are to live in light of God’s goodness.

DTS Scholar Responds to Jennings’ Jesus

Darrell L. Bock Jul 7, 2000

The following is excerpted from a statement by Dr. Darrell Bock, Research Professor for New Testament Studies, about Peter Jennings’ "The Search for Jesus" special, which ABC aired on June 26. Peter Jennings' special, “The Search for Jesus,” was atypical of ABC News. One can...

The Da Vinci Code

D. Jeffrey Bingham, Darrell L. Bock Jul 7, 2006

Two Dallas Seminary professors who participated in last year’s ABC special about The Da Vinci Code talk about the biblical text and church history.

A Look at The Da Vinci Code: Three Major Errors Plus a Few More

Darrell L. Bock Jul 7, 2006

Click here to read this article by Dr. Darrell Bock (ThM, 1979)

Don't Dismiss Europe's Opinion of Us

Darrell L. Bock Jul 7, 2004

Read an op-ed from the Dallas Morning News by our own Dr. Darrell Bock about what it was like to be an American who spent this past election season living in the heart of Europe.