Raquel P. Wroten

Student Profile: Aaron Schubert

Raquel P. Wroten Jul 7

K nowing it would keep him grounded while studying at DTS, Aaron Schubert, volunteered to be part of Irving Bible Church’s candle ministry team seven years ago. Born and raised in Michigan, he wrote, “At the time of my birth, my parents were new believers and had explored various...

How I Write: Gloria Furman

Raquel P. Wroten Mar 22

Gloria Furman (MACE, 2007) is a cross-cultural worker who serves with her husband, Dave (ThM, 2007), at Redeemer Church in Dubai. She is the author of several books, including a new book, Alive in Him: How Being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything , which was recently released....

How I Study: Kevin Perry

Raquel P. Wroten Jan 9

You probably think many DTS students come to study God’s Word to go into ministry. But what about those who God has already placed in leadership and who are looking to expand their knowledge so they can effectively do what God has called them to do? For some of the students who study at...

2016 Alumni Distinguished Service Award | James R. Congdon

Raquel P. Wroten Sep 9, 2016

When Jim Congdon arrived in Topeka, Kansas, in 1976, he was fresh out of Dallas Theological Seminary. At that time, Topeka Bible Church (TBC) had about 300 people attending its services. In those days, the congregation was considered large, especially for a church with no denominational ties....

Celebrating the Retirement of Dr. Buist M. Fanning after 42 Years

Raquel P. Wroten May 17, 2016

After teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary for forty-two years, Dr. Buist M. Fanning is retiring June 2016. While the whole seminary family will miss Dr. Fanning’s teaching, guidance and his presence on campus, we feel blessed and eternally grateful for his decades of Christ-like service. We wish Dr. Fanning and his wife, Jan, many blessings in retirement.